Has ObamaCare been a success and why?

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  • Helps broke asses like me get Healthcare. I used to drive around with a note in my car that if I were to get into a terrible car accident, and provided that letter survived, that I wouldn't want to be taken to the hospital. Just let me die in the car because I don't have health care and this would destroy my family. We're poor as fuck as is.

    • okay, is it good on the national sense?

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    • Poor people are not the whole nation though.

    • That's true. I can't say speak for others not in poverty because I've never been out of poverty

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  • well 30million people got insurance in the first year of the new plan which is very significant and a good step towards fixing healthcare. the biggest issue in healthcare and insurance are uninsured patients. unisured patients often don't pay or can't pay for pricey care. those costs are passed on to insured patients with rising medical treatment fees, which are passed to the insurance companies who raise premiums... so in the end insured people end up paying for uninsured

    the biggest cons:
    -premiums have gone up in the short term. the expectation is that (as premiums always go up) that, if the ACA works, premium rises will be reduced long term as the biggest reason for premium hikes is uninsured patients

    -tax increase. small but nonetheless present.
    -penalties for those who chose not to get insured... but like auto insurance this is really something that should be in place

    - cost transparency and better cost restrictions
    - 30million people covered
    - no denial of insurance to ill people (those who need insurance most)

    the long term benefits or consequences are going to be in the costs of health care premiums long term. the rise in premiums (due to uninsured patients) was a huge issue and one the ACA is intended to fix. the ACA should in theory stop rate of premium increase or even stagnate it over time

    • and to people saying people have lost jobs (and people like trump have said it's in the 2million range) is incorrect
      2 million people have lost (changed) their job status of full-time workers. many went to part-time or simply stopped working because they could get insurance without a full-time job (even the Congressional Budget Office, Paul Ryan's domain has stated that there needs to be a clear difference between 'lost job' and 'lost job status' or changed job status and Paul Ryan is certainly no Obama supporter and was very critical of ACA)

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    • the compromise is maybe in my mind why obamacare will collapse. Britain set up the NHS after WW2 when we were flat broke from spending all our funds fighting the Nazi plus we owed America a ton of money that we had to payback, the country was still on rations well into the mid 50's. There are too many vested intrests involved in holding obamacare back.

    • @Spermdumster666 well i don't think we have to necessarily see it as a finished product. it can be tinkered with and adjusted. at the time England went to their system the entire thing had sort of bottomed out, so sort of like FDR's new deal it was open season for new programs that would totally re-structure stuff. I think it would be nearly impossible for Obama to create anything in the current environment that was going to phase out the big 5 insurance companies and the tens if not 100s of billions of dollars they have at stake

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  • It has a lot more good than harm but it has a LONG way to go before I'd label it a sucess

  • being from a country with a national health service for all, i do hope it has worked but i know he was fought over it on every level

    • do you believe that if one thing works in a country it has to be able to work in any other country?

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    • the NHS worked pretty well in the UK while run by the government though the last twenty years corporations and politicians have been sabotaging it so as to try and sell it off for privatisation at a fraction of the price.

    • @Spermdumster666 pre blair most things worked pretty well like police and education but even with private contractors being brought in, its still there when you need it without fear of amassing huge debts. yes in reality we all pay through national insurance but it means that however on your arse you are financially you dont have to consider death or debt as your only choice

  • its been an amazing failure and cost many people full time jobs. thanks obama

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