What does it mean when a girl says she likes to be mysterious?

this girl I was talking to who I've known for a while now, we always flirt and talk and sit next to each other and people wonder if we're together or if we like each other. So one of my friends said to her I always thought u guys likes each other and had the same feelings and the girl said I like to be mysterious. What does she mean about being mysterious?


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  • You can not be mysterious by saying that lol She probably likes you. Wants to grab your attention.


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  • She means exactly what she did to you! Lolz
    She wanted to confuse the heck out of you and keep you wondering.
    She did that because she likes you but wants to keep you wondering a bit more if she likes you. If you two get along so well ask her out mate.

  • Probably like Asian, They like the feeling, compare to westerners. Be natural that would lost interesting on them.

    • Can you explain a little bit better what you mean?

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    • So are you saying most Asian girls are mysterious?

    • No actually I thought about a question, what age girls give up reserved character between white and asian? Cause Asian would give up it after 40.
      They desire it more than men so like wolf that is disgusting

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