What to do when you realize you’re a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

I always kinda liked the way my “pointy teeth” are so precise and well maintained. I prided myself on my quick reflexes and mental agility. I thought my ability to pounce without hesitation and come out on top was equivalent to bravery and precision. But now that I realize locking away a vicious beast inside with a warm smile, friendly face, and a load of charm is the very definition of a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ , I’m not so okay with these things I found pride in. How does one remain brave, precise, well maintained, and mentally agile in need of defense without succumbing to monstrosity?

I am genuinely enjoy showering people with warmth, love, and charm but there’s a savagely ruthless side to me that I don’t know will ever go away. I’m not the typical “sneaky” wolf pretending to be someone they’re not; I sincerely have a hellish, untamed duality to my dominant caring nature. Please give me your best effort with your advice.


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  • Take off your sheep outfit.

    • It's not an outfit tho. I am sheep like as well. Like for ex, I got teary eyed just reading the synonyms for beast and savage and knowing that I've applied them to those in my life. The softness and warmth that I have is genuine, not an act. It's a sincere duplicity to my nature. :/

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  • There's only one thing TO do: have fun with it.

    Unleashing the beast is so much fun.


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