How do I say hi to her?

I saw this girl in last hour today at school and I kinda like her but there's a problem class ended and she's fast out of the room and she goes to the left and I go to the right I want to say something but I don't know how to get her attention, what to say, or catch her so I can talk to her need serious help


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  • Write her a note and just run up to her and give it to her smile and walk away, that way no talking is involved.. yet. I understand anxiety it's a pain in the butt, write your number in the note if you and her have cell phones that way u guys could text at first to avoid the initial awkwardness


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  • Next time go to the left and walk with her... you may have to run your butt off back to wherever it is your going but sounds like it would be worth it. You can always use a question opener.. that is the easiest. If you know what she likes its even better. I used to have two different kinds of candy on me. I would stop her and walk with her and ask.. hey quick question which candy do you like the best... candy 1 or candy 2.. this could be whatever. She would then say.. i love candy 2 .. Great i have an extra bag.. its all yours. She will then say Thanks... and you Say your welcome.. give her a high five and get out of there. Now you have a reason to approach her at anytime just to chat her up. You could use gum, whatever...

  • You just walk up to her and say Hi. But make sure you know what you're going to say next.

    • But thats the thing she's fast and I don't know what to say after "hi" because I have nothing in my head at that point my anxiety holds my voice back

    • Then you're not ready to talk to girls.

    • I almost did and I felt confident in class