Where are you from 🌎 ?

I'm Curious lol. 👀

Texas, Texas , Texas 🤘


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  • The deepest darkest depths of hell😈!!!


    Or better know as boring ole orange park, fl!!

    Or Basically Jacksonville, fl lol.

    • Damn, someone hates Florida lol
      But I kinda don't blame you... I actually can't wait to get outta there soon

    • What's so wrong with Florida 😔 seems so pretty on that side

    • @helloitsmethere yeah, if you can leave! Leave haha. Some part suck worst than others, but Florida is just bad altogether.
      Boring, crime, crazy laws and events every other week.

      And @kushfeelings no way! I'm pretty sure Texas is better. Minus your overwhelming heat index lol.

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