In what way did you personally rebel during your rebellious phase?


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  • Uh... I didn't.

    I turned my parents' hair a little gray in 8th grade when I met a boy and was "infatuated" as my mom said. I drove them to the point of buying another dog (our one at the time was elderly and deaf) in order to prevent me from sneaking out. Except I only ever "sneaked" to the front yard to make midnight phone calls lol

    And said boy I met in 8th grade is now officially my fiance and their future son-in-law so... was I really rebellious? I met the man I'm going to marry at a young age and I stayed loyal to him. Sooo rebellious of me. They ought to be embarrassed and ashamed haha raising a daughter who is faithful to one man! Where ever did they go wrong? :p

    • aw how sweet. Lol ar't you glad that you had a cell phone to call him with. So how did your making their hair grey drive them to buying another dog? and how did the new dog prevent you from sneaking out?
      haha yeah they should be ashamed of themselves for that.

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    • lol I only ever went to the front yard. And the next time I brought him with me

    • lol great idea

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  • To be honest, I don't think I ever had a rebellious phase. I've always been quite the innocent goody-good-two-shoes. I even enjoyed going to school in my teens when all the other kids were complaining about it and saying how much they hated the teachers and the homework.
    When I was around 17, I did have a phase where I smoked weed maybe 1-2 times a month but my parents were very relaxed about it. Being both old-time hippies who smoked more weed in their youth than I ever have, they couldn't really say anything.

    • Lol well me niether I never really rebelled. In fact my mom and my female freind's mom were talking and they were teasing us about how good we are compared to other young adults. The most my freind has rebelled was to die her hair. Honestly that blew my small rebellion out of the water.

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  • I decided not to eat until dad buys me the plane ticket

  • My hair.

    I have 4C hair. It's really curly/ kinky. My family hates my hair and they pressure me to perm it because I have bad hair because it's so curly, my mom says black petiole have bad hair that's why we get perms and weaves because whites have better hair. . thry really hate their hair. they all either cut their hair or wear weaves. I haven't permed my hair in 7 years. My parents may hate it ( a few of my friends like it though) but I still refused to perm my hair. I kinda like my hair now. It smells better now. I want to be my own person instead of trying to look how my parents want me too. But then again the most racist people I ever met were in my own family.
    I have another one but its too long.

    • God, my grammar is horrible. It's so wrong...

    • Lol their is nothing wrong with a black women having curly hair. When ever I see someone like that I always like it better than seeing it woven. Good way to rebel. I'm sure that your the best looking women in your family for it.

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  • Told my dad I was not into the Mormon thing anymore, nor the god thing in general... stopped trying in school because it didn't seem to matter what I did: every action was wrong and there were no right answers (it's hard being a white kid in a predominantly black/Hispanic school), moved in with my mom and had a couple crappy jobs, started smoking pot and other mistakes, dated a girl that almost ended in a domestic violence charge because she decked me in my sleep and I woke up ready to hit back whoever it was that just hit me... and she still called the cops over a bruise that happened while I was trying to get out of the house immediately thereafter... Then I moved a thousand miles away and things started getting better