Do you believe in indigo children/teenagers/ adults?

Curious to know if anyone believes this and for people's opinions.


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  • I think the entire thing is blown out of proportion and was meant to make peoples children appear more special than they are - independent of the existence of actual indigo children or not.

    • What if a teenager declared themselves as an indigo and was known to hold some of the powers like empathy and seeing the future but didn't have any abnormal disability.

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    • Well, if someone asks its fine. But if you just talk about how you are an indigo child and whatnot then people naturally think it is bragging. It also depends on how you present it and how you talk about it if it comes off as bragging or not.

    • I said what if.

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  • Yes, I think some people are in tune with the supernatural


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  • No, because I don't believe in supernatural stuff.
    Empathy on the other hand can exist in all people. I would call myself an over-average empathetic person but I certainly don't have any supernatural powers.

  • What's that 😶?
    Please elaborate

    • Known for their indigo auras.
      They're critical of everything, but that also includes themselves. So don't mistake them for being stuck up or snobby all the time... They are antisocial but very empathetic, and sensitive, and can see people's true intentions better than most. They are known to have psychic powers such as empathy, telepathy, clairsentience, Clairvoyance, precognition, retrocognition, channeling, astral projection

    • Oh I see
      Maybe their are indigo peoples out there
      Are you one of them 😶?

  • No. Not at all.


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