Is this common between friends/coworkers?

I've worked with this guy for about 2 years and I started to like him since he started working with us. he was very straightforward and he told me i was hot but i just said thanks. he used to come off as the player type. and i liked him because he was a very sweet person but i was afraid of getting hurt. he was always looking at me up and down and complimenting me, and he'd do things for me. but i kept pushing him away. he eventually got a girlfriend.

I've tried moving on but i was so heartbroken at first i started to avoid him and he'd always ask around why i was mad at him. he would always try to hug me and console me just so i won't be mad at him. i told him nothing was wrong. but he is always like this. the minute he sees me upset with him, he goes as far as to call my best friend (who also works there) to see why im mad at him.

just recently, since he became my supervisor a while ago, he did something that bothered me so much that i almost cried out of anger so instead i stopped speaking to him on a personal level and i try to stay away as much as possible. i haven't spoken to him in over a week and he kept telling my best friend that he felt so bad. he keeps trying to do whatever i want. he has called me multiple times during the week just to ask about work things. and whenever im talking to my friend he comes over and tries to talk to me too. there is another girl there who is as upset as i am, but he isn't doing all that for her.

some days when he does things for me, he tells me he did it because he loves me. i always wonder in what way he means he loves me. i dont say it back because for me, my feelings for him have always been pretty strong. i can't say that to him.

im just so confused. he is with this other girl and i respect that even though i like him a lot. but he just does things that make me wonder. even my friend says its so cute how he tries so hard with me. is it just my imagination? or could there be something there?


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  • Work relationships are not worth it and uncommon.

    • Yeah but its not like im going to start a career there. Ill be quitting as soon as i graduate and find a job or internship in my field.

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  • No it is not

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