We are just friends but he's acting weird?

I'll try to make it short as possible. Me and this guy named Josh met online in April. We liked each other from the start but 1. we aren't ready for a relationship and 2. He didn't want to do long distance (hours away from each other). So I moved on even though I still like him deep inside. I've been going on dates with a guy named Matt. Ever since I told my friend Josh he texts me less... And then he's always asking if I've seen Matt and when our next date was and all that. Today he just told me he's okay and keeping busy.. I mean he works and goes to school... How much more busy do you want to be? But I swear... Every time I text him he's always asking about Matt and then he gets short in texts. Does he still like me? Why is he acting weird?

More opinions would be helpful!!


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  • 1 he is jealous
    2 he is trying to talk about something other than work
    3 he is trying to be your friend and help you with him
    4 no idea

    • Thank you for the theories!

  • Why would you think? He's envious

    • Because it's a guy thing? Or because he likes me?

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    • I've had suspicions but when we get on the topic he says he likes me as a friend.

    • You can tell by his actions his words are lies

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