What do you think about the fact that I feel a connection with a female I didn't know who has passed away?

I'm going to try not to go into detail to remain anonymous. Locally there were a few stories as to what happened, with this girl. I followed the story since she was my age and went to school with people I know. I didn't have any association or know her at all until the news and learning about her. I had a conversation with her bestfriend for a bit not too long not too short. Guilty for "Stalking" checking out her social media (FB/IG) because I was/am curious to the person she was and to maybe find a reason to what happened (Still an ongoing investigation). It's all messed up the detectives aren't doing a great job according to the family from what I read online. So basically I showed to her vigil which wasn't too far from me. I've learned that we both have a lot in common but also a lot of differences. I'm just trying to get this out and find an answer to this all. Another thing I thought somehow one day, I thought if I didn't mess up in jr high maybe I could've went to the same high schoolas her, got to know her or changed this outcome since I feel some type of attraction. Call me whatever you'd like it won't bother me but let me hear what you think please. Try not to judge or critisize me, this isn't my fault for feeling this way or thinking this way it just happened. I feel weird just putting this out there.


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  • I've felt the same way before about people who have passed who I didn't know. I think it's the fact that we were around the same age and had things in common, and it's hard to believe that someone who is a lot like me in general and going through the same stage in life could just be gone.
    As far as wondering what you could have done, there really probably was nothing. I believe that everything happens for a reason and works it the way it does because it is supposed to. I've wondered the same thing though, especially about an old friend of mine who committed suicide.

  • Maybe you have not moved on from her

    • I know I haven't yet. The discovery happened in April... its been awhile now.

    • Try moving on

    • I'll try my best

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