How do I convince my parents to buy me a electric scooter (bike)?

My parents have decided to send me to tuition classes from Wednesday and I have to travel a bit of a distance to get there from home, so after the Sunday class which ends at 7:30 pm it's a bit hard to get back home as I'll have to walk over 2 km to get to the nearest bus stop, my parents decided to arrange a AutoTaxi (kinda like a low-cost cab service) for this purpose, of course even if it's low cost it's still going to cost a good bit of money, I was hoping they might just buy me an electric scooter as it does not require a license and is also cheaper if compared to the AutoTaxi service, but my dad's worried about me traveling alone (which doesn't make any sense 'cause I've been traveling the same distance alone for more than a year for my violin class) and put his foot down even though my mom was half convinced of my idea, so my question is how can I get them to rethink their plans? I'll be 16 in two weeks if that helps, I've never been a troublemaker either


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  • Forget about the money, a taxi is a lot safer for you. Driving a scooter bike in the middle of the city is very dangerous.

    • Not really gonna be in the middle of the city, but I get your point

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  • Why not get a bike? Do you not have one? I've seen lots of middle and high school students travel to/from school on their bike. I think it's a great option because it's fast, you get some exercise, easy to park.

    • I assume you mean a bicycle (with the pedals and all)? I did put forward that suggestion too, but my parents were worried about me having to come back from school at the same time traffic would would begin to be at it's peak (my school's 7 km away from my home)

  • Blackmail

    • haha... looking for a serious answer

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    • no, it's like a vespa that runs on battery
      It's just cheap

    • What's it called? I want to see

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