Is it self-absorbed and self-centered for white people who try to make BLM all about them?

I see a lot of white people who try to make BLM all about them, their thoughts, their feelings, their ideas, their self-consciousness, their fears, their worries, their theories, and their overall self. Not about the number of African American murder victims who lost their lives for no legitimate reason at all by someone who took an oath to serve and protect them. A lot of white people will even speak as if BLM's ultimate goal is to please and impress them and cater to their ideas about race. Most of the time when I hear a white person here speak about Black Lives Matter, it's nothing more than a defensive, angry, borderline whiny dialogue where they are defending their whiteness and pretending that BLM is some group that revolves around white people when the fact is that it was created because African Americans keep being unrightfully harmed and killed by American cops. It's really gross to watch African Americans stand up for themselves because their people have been going through that nonsense with American cops for CENTURIES then white people interrupt the message and try to make it all about them.

What do you think?

  • Yes, it is self-absorbed.
  • No, it is not self-absorbed.
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  • As a black American I have to say that I agree.

    Too much insensitivity, and lack of humanity, for the black lives that were tragically lost and the loved ones of those slain victims.

    Now THAT is the main issue that BLM is targeting.

    On the flipside, yes some of the police victims were current/former criminals and weren't ideal citizens. However, criminals, regardless of ethnicity, are still human, and deserve their human rights and humanity to remain intact.

    The "he/she was breaking the law" , "he/she was a thug (code word for n-word)", "he/she had bad grades in school", or any other way to taint the character of the victim to be less than perfect,

    is the main tool the racists use to systematically dehumanize my people to the masses.

    Criminal or not, gangster or not, A student or D student, regardless of race... we are all human and have humanity. Don't belittle anyone else's.

    THAT is the goal of BLM.


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  • It's very self centered when people do that. If it has nothing to do with you, why get upset about it? BLM was made by 3 black women for black people. There's a Latino Lives matter and a Native lives matter as well. There's no reason to be in your feelings about a group pushing for equality especially when it has nothing to do with you at all.

    • Throughout American history, there has always been a strong fear and discomfort, with culturally rooted & united black Americans.

      If my people weren't seen as a possible forced, they wouldn't be systematically weakened throughout this nation's history.

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    • There was a huge out rage of another killing of a black man by a police man. Funnily enough in the new they didn't mention it was a black cop.

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    • You are not intelligent if you think that CRIMINALS, WHO DID NOT TAKE AN OATH TO PROTECT AND SERVE simply being criminals and committing crime is comparable to PUBLIC SERVANTS who are PAID BY OUR TAX DOLLARS to protect and serve. BLM are not responsible for psychologically ensuring that criminals get their act together and stop harming other black people. Your answer was nothing more than a silencing tactic to derail the focus from white cops acting like it’s open season on black people. Usually when white people do this, it’s because they are so pathetically fragile and uncomfortable that they can’t handle people keeping it real about the fact that white cops disproportionately kill and harm blacks more than any other groups.

    • Why is it that so many white people like to pretend to be parents to the black community, eagerly scolding grown adults for their behavior? Would you say that this is similar to the mistaken sense of superiority and God complex that Christopher Columbus had over the Native Americans? Someone very intelligent once said that America will never get anywhere because so many white people have a God complex. Your scrutiny over the behavior of some black people seems to confirm that. You insinuating that black people have no right to say "Black Lives Matter" until criminals, who may be sociopaths or have mental illness behave, is disgusting & dismissive.

      White people who come here being fragile, very sensitive, uncomfortable, and touchy therefore try to derail the focus onto a separate issue which is INTRARACIAL CRIME, will not be embraced to participate on this post. Or in other words, I’m not listening to any whiny ass white people who try to scold blacks instead of addressing police crime

  • I think everyone has a right to form and voice an opinion. However, I hate when white people try to frame the discussion, or try to turn the argument around and place the blame at the feet of BLM and black folks in general. Especially the day after these atrocities happen, just shut the fuck up for one day and just let people be outraged. If you come out with some kind of pointed statistics in that situation, or bring up black-on-black crime, etc, you're an asshole, period. The other day I saw a great quote from someone, I'll paraphrase, but it was basically "Next time an Islamic extremist kills a white person, just shut up and don't complain, and remember that white-on-white crime has killed way more people than terrorist." And that's exactly it, some white people would go bananas if you said that to them, but it's really no different.

    • Very intelligent post.

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    • @Dred1614returns The fact that you’re dying to know what I think makes me grin considering you have ruined your opportunity to have access to my thoughts. I don’t operate on GAG based on the entitlement of random strangers who are more interested in me than I am in them. Rub me the wrong way and you can watch me shower others with the attention, focus, and energy that you no longer get to experience from me.

    • @Jamesol1 False. I won’t reply to anyone who’s presence genuinely seems like a waste of my free time. If you present your personality and overall post as a chore, then don’t expect my energy on it. I’ll assert my right to focus my attention on those who truly seem worthy of it. 😌

  • Black LIves Matter is a racial supremacist organisation created by Jews to radicalise blacks against whites - creating a violent army of people ready suppress and oppress innocent people for nothing other than material gain.

    It is not about equality, it is not about justice, it is not about peace and it is not for everyone. It only serves those (vested interests) and it's long term strategy of disempowering western civilisation to ensure the safety of those same (crooks and swindlers) in a multiethnic and multiculturally divided society.

    • "I see a lot of white people who try to make BLM all about them, their thoughts, their feelings, their ideas, their self-consciousness, their fears, their worries, their theories, and their overall self. Not about the number of African American murder victims who lost their lives for no legitimate reason at all by someone who took an oath to serve and protect them. A lot of white people will even speak as if BLM's ultimate goal is to please and impress them and cater to their ideas about race."

  • i think to an extent it is self-absorbed but i think it's primarily just missing the point. to me it's just a sign of lacking empathy and the ability to just see things from another perspective

    however i'm not a big fan of the slogan. i think it tends to divide rather than unite. i fully support the ideology of black lives matter but i wish the slogan was more inclusive so that the slogan wasn't such a point of discussion but rather the notion of unfair treatment of certain demographics in our society

    • I see what you're saying but I think the slogan simply keeps it real. I feel really fucking bad for black people and as sad as it is to say, I am glad I'm not black because American police and the American "justice" system has blatantly had a really shitty way of treating them the same for generations of black people. The purpose of the slogan isn't meant to make other people feel comfortable with race; it's to keep it real about the fact that a lot of cops, judges, lawyers, and persecutors do not think that black lives matter.

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    • i personally have no issue with the slogan. i just know most movements are served better by trying to be inclusive... so essentially it's almost a PR thing. Like the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s. they took a more inclusive title to the movement so it could include matters like women's issues, voter rights, asian-american, etc. now black lives matters, if you look at their platform actually supports a wide array of issues, but so many simply focus on the "black lives matter" taking it too literally... ideally people should be able to see beyond the name, but evidenced by how quickly the name got criticized and then bastardized ("all lives matter", "blue lives matter", etc) it becomes clear that the name becomes the focal point rather than the message

    • @ProfDon It's really sad that you have to pause and explain that and make sure certain people feel totally comfortable so that you can begin to get to the truly important core of the matter, which is not how people feel about a slogan.

  • Actually White people go through that with cops too, statistically twice as many killed by cops yearly and a lot of these cases are with Black guys with lengthy criminal records who have a gun on them.

    Why do you keep playing the victim instead of admitting your community has problems? Or is it easier to blame Whitey than to say that

    • She's a racist, don't waste your time with her. She blocked my opinion cause she can't handle people disagreeing with her and calling her out on her racist crap xD
      She keeps blocking comments on opinions that disagree with her xD

    • @AleDeEurope Don't try to slander me. I blocked your opinion because I've seen how useless you are with your comical level of arrogance and dismissive attitude pertaining to questions about race and your mouth is generally disgusting and combative in nature. Make sure you actually know what you're talking about before you go gossiping without having your facts clear. I have no problem with people disagreeing but people who's personalities genuinely come off as a chore? They won't be welcomed to this conversation. No one should expect to keep their opportunity to participate if they choose to have a certain type of presence. :)

    • @HonestWhiteGuy Actually, I never said that white people don't experience police harm or violence. That was something you assumed I thought. Nor am I playing the victim considering I am not even black. Nor does my post blame white people for anything.

      Your answer reeks of defensiveness, hypersensitivity, fragility, and a combative tone. My time will not be wasted trying to navigate through posts that are full of accusatory assumptions based on my individual thoughts and general personality. Nor will I waste my time dealing with defensive white people "who try to make BLM AND THIS POST all about them, their thoughts, their feelings, their ideas, their self-consciousness, their fears, their worries, their theories, and their overall self."

  • Who cares if it's self-absorbed or not, BLM is racist and hateful, that's what should matter here. Let's end with that crap.

    • If you don't care if it's self-absorbed or not, then you probably don't have a highly respectable, valuable, legitimately significant place in the discussion.

    • Not only that but we all know you're a racist Spaniard and all of your posts about race pretty much revolve around your own ego. You never have anything fruitful or highly valuable to bring to the table when it comes to the discussion of race.

  • Where was blm when the floods hit Louisiana? Or when gangs in Chicago and Oakland kill massive amounts of blacks? They don't care about black lives, they just hate white people

    • So to your understanding, Black Lives Matter exists to protect all black people all over the country from any possible natural disaster or gang activity?

      People who say that BLM exists to hate white people are being self-absorbed and self-centered.

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    • @Jamesol1 (Without reading your posts) You’ve lost your opportunity to be heard by me, sweetheart. I don’t care how much you’d like to be heard, how much you want my attention, or how entitled you feel to my focus and effort. You cannot and will not force your presence where it has already been disposed of. So, my dear, I’d recommend not investing so much thought, time, and energy on someone who’s not giving you even ¼ of it in return.

    • I'm not even black so they're not "my people". I've been tolerant and patient enough with your ignorance and inability to present your thoughts adequately.

  • It seems to me that the only black lives that matter are the ones that can be exploited in order to smear the police.
    Go ahead, block my opinion so you can get the last word. It only makes you look pathetic.

    • First of all, only losers who spend way too much time hanging out in GAG arrogantly assume that people will block to get the last word. Allow me to clarify: I block if I find zero value, worth, interest, or productivity in one’s mouth or mind. I’m not going to allow my post to become an outlet for some random stranger, whom I owe absolutely no time or energy, to become a place where they release all of the toxic, arrogant, negative mess that dwells in their psyche. If people approach me a certain way or bring a certain useless, disgusting, derogatory, disrespectful, entirely fruitless vibe then they don’t get to participate.

      I’m also not going to tolerate grown ass men acting like hypersensitive, emotional, premature kids. So sweetheart, HUMBLE YOURSELF and don’t be so arrogant to assume that every time someone blocks you, it’s to get the last word. Some people GENUINELY may not find your mouth or mind all that important or resourceful.

    • No disrespect nor any petty, catty, sarcastic, essentially useless and arrogant pseudo intellectual posts will be accepted, embraced, or tolerated here. Don’t be so entitled to think you can conduct yourself in whatever ugly, negative, chore like manner yet still be invited to someone’s space.

  • Black Lies Matter (not).

    Based entirely on lies. If black lives really mattered to Black Lives Matter, they would concern themselves about the disproportionality of black on black crime - which they don't. Oh dear...

    • Your subtle tone of condescension and parent like scolding will not be tolerated, accepted, or welcomed on this post. My post is not an outlet for you to be as toxic and negative as your heart desires.

      To address your passive aggressive attempt at derailing a legitimate problem of American police disproportionately harming and killing unarmed black people...
      First of all, there is a difference between a criminal who may be a sociopath or psychopath murdering a black person and between a PUBLIC SERVANT who has taken an oath to protect and serve murdering someone. If you cannot see how, then your humanness is broken and you need to fix it.

      Second, it is not even mildly intelligent or logical to expect BLM activists to miraculously devote their lives, despite having children, jobs, and their own personal lives to maintain, to somehow change the minds of hardened criminals who may have mental illness and convince them to stop harming and murdering other black people.

    • The thought process that they should, as untrained professionals who could put themselves at physical harm, is unintelligent, unrealistic, and totally irrational.

      Just because they don't travel to poverty and crime ridden black neighborhoods all over the country and miraculously stop criminals from harming black people doesn't mean they don't think black lives matter.

      It's quite arrogant and foolish for you to act like BLM's main goal is to please and impress you or satisfy your feelings about the black community.

  • "defending their whiteness"

    Ok black hitler whatever you say.

    • "Black hitler"?
      First of all, *HITLER because all names are capitalized. Duh.
      Second of all, it is possible for someone to have this viewpoint without being black. You do realize that it's not just white people and black people living in this world, right? There is a whole separate array of races and ethnicities who are actually capable of forming an opinion on this that doesn't cater to your emotions. It's quite unintelligent and foolish to pretend that the only people who participate in this discussion are either white or black.
      Third of all, your passive aggressive answer is entirely useless. Don't approach me with a nasty, rude attitude throwing your defensive emotions my way.

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    • Whos being dramatic now?

    • That's not me being dramatic, that's me informing you why your 'joke' was a fail.

  • F*ck BLM, And f*ck you too as far as that goes. Black people are not special and the whole damn world doesn't revolve around them.

    • If this you that angry and combative then you are way too fragile and sensitive.

    • There's a delay with my typing speed and this website. What I had typed was...

      If this post makes you that angry and combative then you are way too fragile and sensitive. There is no legitimate reason for you to say "Fuck you" to a whole bunch of strangers who have never done anything personally harmful to you. You are way too old to be thinking like that. Grow up and do something more mature with your manhood.

  • Im gonna drop this here

    • That's like the best video ever, but it's the truth, so those who support BLM aren't gonna care, they're racist, that's all that matters to them.

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    • @AleDeEurope the guy tries to argue against the facts and shows how stupid he really is. "There can't not be racism!". "They'll never succeed in an environment like this" shows why black people should hate BLM, but God forbid the left-wing be proven wrong, right?

    • Exactly. They're making them believe there's people who are trying to stop them from succeeding, when in reality, it's that mentality what is stopping them from succeeding.
      It's their own fault, they're creating the problem they claim to be fighting against.

  • No, it is not self-absorbed.

    • Yes, it is and it's really disgusting to watch.

  • BLM is a domestic terrorist movement.

    • Anyone who truly believes that is unintelligent, pseudo intellectual, and either entirely delusional or pretending to be a victim. BLM wouldn’t exist if public servants would act like everyone’s lives matter.

    • Furthermore, I won’t be making time or spending energy on such a backwards individual. Not dealing with the exhaustion that comes from whiny, delusional white people.

  • Their response should be defensive and angry. BLM is based on lies. They sidestep facts and protect people that directly did things that led to their death. But sure, white people are self centered.


    • This honestly sounds like a bunch of emotional, hypersensitive nonsense. I can’t stand listening to people just bitch and moan about their feelings, especially when they not the most important thing to be focusing on.

  • Nothing. Its usually white American women. It seems like white women will do anything to switch focus to them whether it be BLM, dating black guys, inventing false rape accusations, inventing mental disorders, made up childhood problems you name it. Its all look at me look at me!! its a social disorder.


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  • I haven't really seen white people trying to make BML about themselves... Doesn't really make sense anyhow.

    BLM is fine to an extent until extremists come in and talk about "all" white people in spite, causing major annoyances for no good reason at all, and wanting some kind of segregation (again?) because they want to be rid of white people.

    Secondly the other issue I have with the BLM movement is that they never take into consideration who the person was that was killed, how did they react towards the police that might have got them into more trouble (that they could actually have avoided). I've seen many videos and while some are completely innocent, I've seen far too many where the person keeps resisting and crying racist, don't touch me and screaming at them that they are innocent instead of calmly doing what the police asked them to do.

    Some killed victims by cops were actually thugs and criminals (some even having memorials now, which I'm just so baffled by). Yet they are painted as a completely innocent individual when in reality they were not. There are also those who were running away from the police, how is that a good idea? Just makes you look suspicious even if you might not be. Any logical person would know that running is not something you should do from a police unless you wanna get into trouble.

    I'm not saying killing of innocent blacks doesn't happen, of course it does but people also need to look at the facts of what really happened, who the victim was and how they reacted.

    Police brutality is still a thing that needs dealing with, however as long as people in society shoot the police they will be paranoid and shoot back at them.

    And lastly not EVERY black person shot is a racial issue, as many seem to think...

    • "Crying racist" This is dismissive and shows that you probably have a problem with empathy.

      Not remaining calm and freaking out or running away isn't reason for a public servant to become the judge, jury, and executioner then take your life. It's really weird when people try to justify unrightfully, wrongful police harm and violence.

    • Im not trying to justify police brutality at all, I'd rather every police officer didn't carry firearms and only very specialised officers would be allowed to like they do here in the UK.

      Like I said its wrong for the police to shoot someone who's NOT running away and doing as the police says. What Im saying is that its understandable if the person is running away, struggling to get the police off them and painting themselves as someone suspicious even if they are not, even if you might be freaked out you have to fucking tell yourself to be calm, if you have nothing to be arrested for then why are you freaked out in the first place if you know you are innocent? Its really the fault of both of them, police shouldn't do a kill shot, and the innocent shouldn't make themselves look like they aren't innocent.

  • BLM was started to help end cop on black violence. I don't know why people try to make it something else but it's annoying. It's like saying "Hey we wanna cure AIDs" then people go "ASSHOLES WHAT ABOUT CANCER IT'S EVEN WORSE THAN AIDS AHDJAIFNEKAOJFNAHS"
    Regardless BLM has a good idea but the movement itself now has people behind it that are bandwagoning and just making it look bad. But the core idea is still good. Yes we should address black on black violence but that is not what this movement is about