Hi guys, how are you :D :D?

How are you
I'm bored :(((((((
and you?


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  • Me toooooo,,,


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  • Welcome to Gag, @sweetdaisygirl.
    I have been on Gag for way Over 2 years now here, dear, and with Making Master just 2 weeks Ago... I was never Bored.
    Begin your Boredom by Answering as Many Questions the Best from the Rest and in Doing so, it will Not only get your brownie Points that All Add up to some Nice gifts that are Rewarded with These 'Points,' but your Level1 that you have right now, hun, will Go Up Faster. Posting Questions as well.
    I was at Level 9 Very quickly and Wthin a year, I was a Guru. After this, it Took me a Little Longer because People who were New like You, who may have been 'Bored,' Forgot to Press the Button faster for MHO and We had to Wait for Gag to do it.
    Good luck. xx

  • I'm bored too 😭😭😭