What is one embarrassing thing that happened to you in your life?

Mine is I was caught wearing Womens panties last year.


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  • Why were you caught wearing women's panties?

    • Because i was dared to try them on i forgot to shut my door all the way.

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    • Thats weird!

    • Dude I think he was just wanting to get into my pants... which he never did.

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  • I've got too many embarrassing moments to name one


What Guys Said 2

  • Getting a cheerleader that said one of the cheerleaders at my school like me, then I found out it was a prank, and I was called a stalker, creepy dude for four years in highschool.

    Because some people are assholes

    • Dam. That sucks.

    • Yeah and almost all the girls that I graduated with still consider me creepy, and tell their friends in public don't talk to that dude, and I would write that cheerleader poems, but that's what weak ass sissies do!

      And I glad I got out of that nice guy shit!

    • Being a nice guy isn't always a bad thing.
      Im a nice guy. People just dont notice.

  • Being forced to eat a jelly doughnut on a box while the rest of my bunkmates were forced to do push-ups.