My Samsung s4 won't charge ill plug it in the wall outlet and nothing happens. I tried different chargers and different outlets I have even used my computer but nothing. It doesn't vibrate or do anything and my phone is dead. I can't afford a new phone I don't know what to do please help me.


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  • Could be the battery. It could be the port. Maybe some lint got in it. You've used different chargers what does that mean? Actual cables or jusg the adaptor thats going into the plug in.

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    • @bvictor mine was a Samsung battery. It was pretty cheap to buy on amazon. Never had a problem with it.

    • Thats not the point. Just like there are Energizer, Duracell, etc AA batteries there are various manufactures making Samsung batteries. The cheaper they are the cheaper they were manufactured. To meet safety requirement you need to use quality expensive materials. China is not held to those requirements and I am surprised customs does not crack down on them. But all those Memes you see where someones phone caught on fire and burnt someones face well that is because they purchased cheap batteries. This is why they've locked down the battery compartment on new models and why Apple refuses to have batter compartment. I've seen laptops catch fire too for similar issues. Do your research. This is no joke.

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  • Try a different battery, if that doesn't work. The charging port might be messed up and usually costs 40 dollars to fix, at least where I stay.


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  • have you tried a different battery? maybe yours is messed up.

    • No i don't have another battery where could i get one and for how much?

    • you can find it cheap on eBay/Amazon, but you probably want it faster, so it will probably cost you more at a retail store, just see if they have a good return policy i guess? or just wait for it to come in the mail

    • is there another way bides a battery? I dont have a lot of money

  • Sometimes it does that. You might be using different chargers. Wait until the battery drained. That happened to my galaxy tab. I thought it was dead but then when I plug the charger a month after it came alive.