Have you noticed how like 98% percent of the people that think people who are suicidal are ''selfish'' have never been suicidal themselves?

They don't know how that person feels, so they automatically judge. Most people who have been suicidal in the past or are currently suicidal don't call other suicidal people''selfish.'' Most of the time they just say they don't want the person killing themselves and they would be sad if they do BUT they won't think they are selfish, an asshole, etc. because they understand how that person feels. People have never been suicidal say things like'' You are selfish,''''You are crazy.''

You know I am right


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  • I think they just don't really understand it, but they're also not entirely wrong. The problem is it's not helpful to a suicidal person to just tell them they're being selfish or that at least they're not starving in a poor country, etc. Minimizing their struggles is more damaging than constructive.

    I've been suicidal. There were two weeks in my life when I was so far into it that I was making plans to carry it out. Researching the most effective, least painful way, and buying what I needed for it. It's scary thinking about it now.

    I guess it was "selfish" in a way, but I wasn't thinking about it vindictively and really didn't -want- to hurt anyone else, I just couldn't see past the massive level of depression I was going through. The hopelessness and exhaustion with being alive is hard to explain.

    Also, what saved my life was actually being the opposite of selfish. My mom called me randomly one day, sweet and loving the way she is and asking to make plans with me for the next weekend, when I had a deadline of 3 days in my head, and I realized I couldn't do it to her. She wouldn't be able to take it, and that's what made me come clean to her and seek help.

    I still have issues with depression and passing suicidal thoughts sometimes, but never again at the level it used to be, and I've found ways to deal with it so that it doesn't consume my life the way it once did. Antidepressants helped a lot when it was really bad, but I've been able to stay off them by working on the root of the problem and feeling better about myself and my life.


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  • Truth is people who call suicidal people are selfish themselves. It's really hypocritical.

    The only reason they attempt to stop people from thinking about or committing suicide is to make themselves feel better as if they'd done a good deed. Or so that they won't wake up everyday thinking it's their fault you died, aka guilt.

    It all boils down to guilt. That is the only reason people 'save' others, to avoid the guilt trip.

    When I was younger, I used to think suicidal people were crazy and they had no reason to do so. I even talked a few people out of it. Now, years later having walked a mile in on the other side. I real

    • For a moment I thought you were going to say that they are being hypocrites when calling suicidal people selfish when they are being selfish themselves by being insensitive assholes by calling the suicidal people''selfish.'' A lot of times people judge people's feelings that they haven't experienced. Are you still suicidal or not anymore?

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    • It's a waste of time. It provides no productive benefit.

    • Joy is a wonderful feeling though man. How can you not like it?

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  • I have been suicidal, noone told be that was selfish thought nor I look it that way. I get the idea, but I think if I had someone eho deeply cared about me I wouldn't get suicidal in the first place... so no I think it's not selfish cause those that would regret me killing myself would prevent me and w their love concinced me otherwise...

  • Being suicidal is selfish. You are doing something for your own gain. But being selfish isn't always bad.

    • Not advocating suicide but just saying being selfish overall isn't always a bad thing

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  • In the same light of not understanding do you understand what it does to the loved ones when a person attempts or commits suicide? You are so focused on your emotional bullshit that you just don't give any fucks about those around you. So if you really want to kill yourself and this isn't some cry for help then burn all your bridges, tie all loose ends, and jump in a hole before you do it.