Is this good or evil? Is this right or wrong? Is physical force into ones mind a good thing?

What if god adds images to your head and says "be gay for the lord your god" is that good?
God adds gay images into your head and Jesus says "you like it" when you don't, and amplifies your dick every time you look at something that favors his sight.

He keeps repeating in your head "fuck you" "idiot" "you're gay" and "assholes", many defiled words that I can't recall. He wakes you up and puts gay thoughts into your mind and says "you like it" and when you see something straight he says "you're lying" and reduces your mind towards straight things greatly and you feel nothing towards the things you once liked.

Jesus repeats "dumb" into your head when he sees I make a simple mistake. What can one learn from another who repeats the same word inside of your head.

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Also he makes you hit your teeth together and says fuck you.
He uses your mouth to speak, and expects you to see him as good.
He says suck a cock in hell also and makes you sweat.


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  • People told me half the people who come to Guys and Girls are mentally insane. I did not believe them until now. Please go and see a doctor or eat your Coco Krispies but just do something!!!


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  • The great Liar is trying to deceive you. Jesus / Holy Spirit would not tell you these false things.
    Get some help from a Psych doctor who can help you get these thoughts back under your control. Praying for you.

    • And if he did, you say he is good? You are no hypocrite.
      But I say onto you, if he did, do you still think that what happens there is good?

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  • What if God itself is all in your head?

    • No no no, not all in my head, but more like a something you may not see or explain.
      I don't know, what's your opinion though?

    • @Asker my opinion is god is an invention by man to explain what they could not at the time. They didn't understand the weather, earthquakes, volcanoes, etc, and invented god to explain everything they could not otherwise.

    • That stuff's off topic though, do you think these things that happen to one are good?

  • Wtf u talking about bro?

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