Who does the t. v. in the living room, belong to?

usually, when you buy something, you're the owner, that's just how it is. However, sometimes, gifts are bought, right? Well, the t. v. that is currently in the living room, was a birthday gift, 6 years ago, for my 21st birthday. It's a relatively nice Samsung t. v. and was probably quite expensive. I don't know why they bought it for me (even though it was a birthday gift). Our old projection t. v. of 20 years had just died, and we needed a new t. v. anyway. When they first bought it for me back at my 21st birthday, I kept it in the basement since, i thought it was my t. v., ya know, since it had supposedly been my birthday gift, but, a little while after that (after our old t. v. had died) my mom and dad asked me if i wanted to put the t. v. in the living room. I, being a nice person, and one who lives under their roof, at the age of 27 still, decided it'd be ok. i have my wii u hooked up to it, but, i rarely play it because either dad or mom are watching t. v. I don't really mind though. I haven't gotten a new game in quite a while, since im not working right now (medical problems).

He pays for the cable, that the t. v. uses. We use at&T's uverse box, and is quite expensive. he pays all the bills of the house while my mom pays all the medical bills since she knows more about how to do all the medical bills than my dad does (it's his money, but she just does all the paper work for it).

The thing is though, is that, one of those bills he pays, is a mortage. We don't own this house yet, the bank does, and won't for quite a while.

So, who owns the t. v.:

me: my birthday gift
My dad: whom which pays the cable bill
The bank: whom owns the house the cable and the t. v. sit in


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  • The TV belongs to you, as it was a gift. As it is in the living room, it is polite to allow others the chance to use your gift, the bank has no right to the property within the home, so they have no claim to it.


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  • you. a gift for you means it is yours to own. otherwise people could start claiming every birthday present they ever gifted someone ever... i'd like to take some expensive gifts back from bad ex gf's

  • Your dad.