It's late and i'm still awake?

It's late and i'm still awake. Who's still here and what are you doing?


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  • Well it's 4:30pm in the afternoon where I am so I'm taking a break from homework and getting ready to start making dinner 😋🔥


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  • I fell Out real Early last nite, @NicolaJ35, so Up and At it with Being an Early Bird, Thursday morning.
    Good luck and Hoping you are Sleeping. xx

    • i'm not such an early bird, only get up in the morning because I have to for work!

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    • lol!! Many of our other ones from a year or so ago are gone but more newbies who I feel lately are more even of abetter deal. xxoo

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence, up early again as usual. xx

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  • If it is occasional, nothing to worry. I face this situation frequently. Sometimes I open a book, and if mind is not prepared, just think of my past, friends, rivals and my mistakes.

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