What do you do in a money pinch? Short term solution?

I just got out of a 2 year relationship and have moved back with my parents for the time being. I spent some time unemployed after the break up (about a month) since I had to move cities, which depleted the small amount I had saved in the bank. Anyway, I have a job now, but I don't get paid for 2 weeks. My bank account is almost empty. What can I do to hold me over until I get my paycheck?


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  • You need gas and food and nothing else. That's the only thing you should be spending money on.

    • Yeah, I'm lucky because my parents provide my food most of the time, and I drive a Prius so don't pay a lot for gas. But still, after my student loans get taken out of my account I'll have less than $20 and that scares the crap out of me

    • Can't you borrow from the parents? Or find a close friend who can lend you a small amount, say $50? I've just lent some cash to a friend who has a temp teaching position so wasn't paid for the holidays

    • @YourMotherIsMyLover I could potentially. I hate asking for money, but my parents are very well off, although my dad hates the idea of helping me out (one of those "work to make money, don't ask for handouts" kind of guy). And they're already being very lenient by not charging me rent yet. So I'll keep that as a last resort.

  • You can always borrow it


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