What would be your biggest fear if you suddenly shrunk down right now do the size of a bug?

Giant insects would really suck
Being captured would suck too


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  • The logical answer for some would be bigger bug's and being stepped on, but honestly I'd hate falling into a hole or puddle... or WORSE... running into a horny bug that has no standards and is out of options😞 #FuckMyLifeHuh

    • Oh man that would suck !!! I think I would probably be mistaken for a bug by my mother which would result in her stepping on me 😳 or I could see some young kid capturing me and keeping me as his to keep. Not sure which would be worse.

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    • @Danielledanni346 well... damn! Yea lol I mean... let's be happy our thoughts don't become reality. I blame @dan7719

    • Lol let's just agree that shrinking would suck and we probably wouldn't last very long that small.

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  • Being squished of course!
    And other bugs or animals, or being captured and tortured by those sadistic kids in preschool.

    • Sadistic is so right. Don't you feel that a gigantic young kid would strike instant chills of fear into you more than adults or even teens?

    • Is there any "sadistic" kid that you would give all you got to avoid if this happened to you?

    • Agreed! Probably Sid from Toy Story ahahaha.

  • Getting stepped on.

  • Being captured by a sex crazed, horny couple who would think I could be of good use. 😡😡😡

    • i dont have a boyfriend so not a couple but still could likely think of a good use for you :p

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