Did I do the right thing?

So I had a really good friend, I told her some really deep secrets from my past to her. The next thing I hear from people that she told them about what I shared with her and want to know is it true? I was so deeply hurt, I trusted her with private things, I was so mad till the point where I broke off our friendship.

Now she is going around trying to talk to my friends about me because I unfriended her and all my friend said was before you say anything just remember anything you say about her as a way of getting back to her and she knows about who you told what. She was going of that she never did that, but how would these people actually know things about me from my past that I was trying to work through when I ONLY told her.

I really feel hurt about what she did and whenever she sees me, she makes as if I am the bad person. Did I do the right thing in cutting her out of my life?


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  • Yes you did the right thing. Also remember that those who gossip behind your back are showing that they are fools. When she talks about your secrets without you people are seeing what kind of person she is and it is hurting her character an awful lot and her reputation. I went through something similar and the girl still looks like she is going to hiss at me when I see her. Just remember that she looks like the bad person when she is going around trying to paint you and the bad one.
    Even though it feels bad you did the correct thing. She was not someone that you should have as a freind. Try not to feel guilty about it. What happened is not your fault your the victim and you acted accordingly.


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  • Yes you did the right thing


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  • There are only 2 options, well technically 3, but only 2 good options when someone betrays your trust:
    1) You cut them out of your life
    2) You revoke their trust-privileges and demote them in terms of friendship

    The 3rd option being to pretend nothing happened and foolishly continue to confide in them. I would, personally, choose option 2 because there are often positive attributes to having this person in your life but keep all private matters away from them. I think you did what you felt was right for you in your situation and I would condone choosing either option 1 or 2.


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