What should I do? 60-year-old man offering free photographer to everyone?

I'm a photographer... It's my lively hood... Anyways There's this guy that's retired and he has nothing to do with his life so he offers EVERYONE FREE photography which is now putting stress on me as everyone is going with the free option... any advice please?


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  • It's called TFP (time for print) a lot of people do that. Maybe you can cater to special events. Do weddings, birthday's etc

  • Take random photos and show the quality of your compared to his. Also, decrease pricing by offering different packages and discounts, especially if someone recommends a person to you.

    Free is nice, but not if the photos are terrible.

    • He spends hours on them since he's nothing better to do so the pictures are pretty good :/

    • Then give them something else with the picture. Maybe do the pictures for free but also offer a digital album of the photos on a disk or jump drive for extra cost. Of offer more photos in a single session than he does. Or here's another one: Travel to the client. I sell cakes and cupcakes from home and one thing that makes me a lot of money is that I drive to the customer instead of them coming to me.

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