Im 16 Year old boy but im girl inside how can I coming out to my parents im atheist but they are muslim and I think they dont accept me?

Hello all im the same asker but asking this question again because i get bullied in other account soo i dont wanna get bullied again soo facts about me im turkhish and im feeling like im girl since 7 years old i can't handle it anymore im not happy with my body all in my life i get bullied because of many reasons im asking serious question all answers will help Thanks For Answes I love you all my cuties XOXO


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  • Wow...

    • Girl i got bullied in other question can't handle it soo i created new account and im asking same question

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    • by the way i live in the USA and I know a lot of guys who had a sex change and regret it

    • Thanks good luck for you too girl i will never regret it if I have a chance i just wanna feel like beautiful preety girl is it too much to i ask for happiness? :(

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  • Do your parents follow Sharia law?

    • No they are not they are muslim but they are not following it blindly they are know something in their own way

    • How would your parents react if you tell them?

  • Depends on your parents. Are they understanding? It might be a blow to them.

    • My father is not but my mother is understanding person but im worried i have a aunt that supports LGBT but im too ashamed and scared too talk with her if i talk with her she is going to tell my parents

    • If you are going to tell any family members, than tell your parents first.

    • I dont know about it i want to tell my aunt but if i tell her she is going to tell my parents and i want to hear those words from me