Should I go? My grandfather is ill?

My mom's travelling to India. They're not sure if he'll make it.

I'm unsure if I should go. First of all those people hate me and treated me terribly last time. It might not make sense to go this time.

My sister wants to go. I'm sure they'll see it as good that she's going, but they anyways like her more. So I'm a little confused if I should go since a) I can't stand them, b) it's like going where I'm not wanted

Should I go? I mean they don't care about me why should I care about them


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  • I think if you have a good relationship with your grandfather then you should also go and meet him. It always matter when you are there for people in their bad times. Don't go for yourself and anybody else. It should be about your grandfather.


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  • You should go. Last spring my mom, my sister and I went to india because my grandfather was sick (Parkinson's disease). I'm very happy that I had went and spent some time with him before he passed. So I think you should go too cause you never know what could happen.


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  • If you don't like them, they don't like you then why are you even asking this question? 😊


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  • What do you mean? You don't get along with your family? I've lost my grandparents and I wish I was there with my grandpa when he died. Whatever problems you're having with your family, I think it's important to be there for your grandfather. He'd love for you to be there, no matter what.

    • No I'm pretty sure he was indifferent to me. He barely cared trust me.

      I didn't live in India for most of my life so I don't really know much of the people in my mom's life.

      Not sure I care about them either. I mean of course I feel horrible for my grandfather and my mom, but do I actually care about the people? Not really.

      The thing is this is one of those damned if you do, damned if you don't situations.

      If I don't go, it'll be like at least my elder sister came and I didn't even do that.

      But if I do go, it'll be like lol is she nuts to come where she's not wanted.

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    • Yeah I agree. Thanks for your help. I feel a little better telling someone.

    • Glad I can help :)

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