Question about internet in rural areas?

Hi everyone,

So I'm thinking about renting a cottage in a rural area about 20 minutes away from town up in the mountains. I asked the landlord about her internet situation, and she said hers is slow but affordable. Her last tenant had Direct TV but canceled it because it kept dropping service. I would like to live out there but I cannot live without wifi.

Do any of you live in rural areas? Is satellite internet any good? Is it fast enough to stream netflix? Does it cost a lot more to have reliable speedy internet in a rural area?



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  • I was actually talking to DirectTV about their internet options earlier today and I live in a rural area XD

    Obviously your experience and access could be different but they were quoting me 1-3 gigs a month starting at 25 mbps and I just stopped because that's crazy. Like ONE gig a MONTH? As long as you know the address you can all around to companies and ask for quotes.

  • It does work but will be really slow


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  • Cost is less of a problem than simple availability. Internet such as cable or the phone company generally are unavailable, so usually you have satellite, possibly a wireless broadband service if you have line of sight, or possibly 4G from a cellular provider.