Can I buy a house on benefits?

so i read up on some things... and i am not completely 100% on my options here. my parents are too busy to knowledge i am still alive so i have no one i can really turn to.

i have been on benefits due to my autism for 4 years now, i am currently renting a flat but i don't want to rent anymore.. i can't work full time because of sensory overload, i always run away from jobs if it's too overwhelming. unlike people without autism i can't problem solve in my head and get my "shit" together so to speak. i always need to withdraw and take my time and of course that would make renting a living hell.

i was trying to think of ways to make life a little more easy and allow me to stop claiming eventually and have that freedom of pursuing education and a career.
the only thing i found was a mortgage to buy a house...

would benefits help pay of a loan for a mortgage or not?

(sorry if this was long, i honestly have no idea how to even put this)


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  • If you can prove to a bank you have regular income AND the 10-20% down payment required you should be able to get a loan.
    Go to your local bank and see what you can be prequalified for. Are you able to live and function on your own?

    • sometimes, and other times not. A lot of people don't understand autism which makes it difficult as a whole. i read something that, if i bought a house on benefits it would be like fraud or something..

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    • I'm not familiar with those entitlements. What country are you in?

    • i am in the uk

  • Regrettably I do not think that is possible at all, at least not here in the UK.

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