How to introduce the puppy to the cats and teach the puppy not to chase the cats?

Cat escaped from the room and met the puppy.

She thought it was playtime and chased the cat around the house. The cat... retaliated and attacked but kept running. Puppy has a scratch on her nose from it.

- Currently, they are separated. We'll be mingling them together this weekend (since it's a 3 day and we'll be home to supervise)


How can I have her (the puppy) meet the cats and let her know that chasing them is NOT okay? Besides tapping her on the nose (because of the scratch) and nothing that would hurt her.

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The dog will be meeting my 2 cats and my landlord's cat.

- - I get a discount on rent for watching my landlord's cat. The apartment my landlord rents (out of state with her husband) only allows 2 pets and she has 3 cats. - -


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  • The best way to do this, is to put them in separate closed, but connected rooms, Let them get used to their smells. Put a blanket or something personal of theirs like a toy in each room, Leave it like that for 2 or 3 days. Then Swap the objects out so the dog object is in the cat room, and the cat object is in the dog room. Again let it sit like that for a day or two. Then replace door with some kind of gate, so they can see each other, Put their food dishes next to the gate and let them eat next to each other. Finally remove the gate.

    I have done it like this quite a few times and it works every time.


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  • Put baby gate up between them so they can sniff each other and become more used to each others company.

    • I'll need a very tall gate.

      The puppy is just under a year old. She's not "huge" but she's pretty big & is great at jumping.

      5"10 and when she jumps, she reaches my chin. XD

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    • Got a gate about 4 feet tall this weekend. :] Working pretty well

    • yay I hope they can become friends. ^^ Thank you for mhg. :)

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  • Just pray it's not this dog

  • Did I read that correctly? You get a discount off your rent to be a cat lady? lololol

    Can't help you much, our cat used to fight the bigger dogs in the neighborhood. Lost part of its ear and had torn fur, but it was happy. Surprised it lived 5 years.

    • haha, I'm a crazy pet lady now.

      Came home to be surprised with a pup on Saturday evening. <3 So, now I have 2 cats and puppy.

      Can't be "cat" lady if you've got a dog, son!

    • Okay, maybe that isn't technically correct or PC. How about: #CrazedSkittlePets?

  • Simple put the dog on a leash and ever time he trys to chase the cat yank on the leash the puppy will learn preaty quick

    • I don't let puppies off there leach when there out of there knell ubtell there at least a year old

    • She is just a bit under a year old (from what they've told me).

      I won't "yank" the leash, but I will keep her in check.

    • That's easy try training a dog that he can't chase horses cats wild animals or small children but can chase sheep and cows but only when told

  • Have either the cats or dogs somewhere they can't attack each other, just so they can get used to being in teh same room as each other

    That would be my first step

  • Just time. Its gonna happen. They just have to get used to each other

  • What things does the puppy fear?

    • Okay, maybe you shouldn't use fear, but instead you could make the puppy sit down whenever she sees the cats?

    • She's hasn't been trained to sit yet.

      Also something I'm doing this weekend.

    • You should try and train the puppy to respect the cats by teaching her to do things like stop barking, sitting down and such whenever she sees the cats.

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  • A lot of the time it's a lesson they have to learn themselves by having the cat swat at them a few times. Unfortunately it's in a puppy's nature to chase something that runs, and a cat is going to want to run. You can try stomping your foot, or clapping, or even spraying with a water bottle every time the puppy tries to chase the cat. But as long as they're not doing any irreparable damage I'd let them sort it out on their own.

  • It depends on how old the cats are what will happen, i had 1 abd vrought my puppy home, let them do as yours is doing, my cat taught him when the appropriate time was to play, after the cat died i got a kitten, my dog didn't play rough with the kitten at all, dogs not scared of him they jist keep to themselves and only play when the cat starts it


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