Laptop is faulty and Argos receipt says exempt from 30day refund?

I bought a laptop from Argos last night and I set it up. Today after school I switched it on, only for it to say my password was wrong logging into it. I tried the same password for 10mins and all of a sudden it let me log in. I'm at uni so I need to use Excel and my laptop said I had to activate it via email which I did and I confirmed. Then when I went back onto excel it kept a asking me to activate it even though I had already received an activation email. So I restarted the laptop only for it to go back to saying my password to log on was wrong. I reset it and I clicked alt f10 to reset the laptop and not its saying this (picture above). I bought this last night and I just realised my Argos receipt says 'exempt from 30day refund. What can I do?


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  • If it's faulty, you are covered under the consumer rights act, for the first 6 months. After that, you have to prove an inherent fault. You have up to 6 years to do that.

    This may or may not be a fault. It may be something you've done.

    If it's inherently faulty, this exemption from a refund does NOT apply. Statutary laws cannot be overridden.

    • I think this exemption only applies if you change your mind and simply want to return it.

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    • Thanks, I emus led them over Facebook and they said I should come in and get it replaced. Hopefully it all goes well

    • Good luck! Hope it's all OK!

  • Use the manufacturer warranty

    • What is manyfacture's warranty? I email Argos and they said I have to contact Acer or I have to go to my local Argos for an inspection which isn't helping as I need this laptop for uni

    • @QueenBaae So for a year or more the manufacturer of the computer guarantees it, not the store that sold it. It sounds like you bought an Acer so you call Acer's support number. Best case they resolve it over the phone, worst case you're shipping it to them for repair or replacement.

      Sometimes the store you bought it from will help with this by you bringing it in to them, but it isn't really the store's problem other than they would like you to be happy. This is Acer's problem to solve.

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