If someone was willing to pay you 3 million in tax free cash, would you?

Do one of the things they request you to do?

1. Lay in a coffin closed that a gallon and a half of bleach was poured in coffin for 3 hours.
2. Jump into a pool naked filled with 20% water, 80% lye and stay under water for 7 minutes
3. Get waterboarded with gasoline for a 12 hours a day for 3 days straight.
4. Let a major league baseball player hit you in the face with a metal bat.



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  • I'd discreetly take a recording of the person presenting the offer, save multiple copies in several places including cloud storage on the web, and then blackmail the eccentric billionaire sadist responsible into either handing over that same sum in tax free cash, or taking the evidence to the authorities as well as all of the major media outlets. If he was willing to pay me 3 million in tax-free cash THEN, on MY terms, then of course I'd take it. If he wasn't- well, then I'd still be able to make a pretty penny through giving media interviews, telling the tale on talk-shows, selling the movie rights and writing an autobiographical piece about it. I'd settle for that instead.

    • What if he had a mask on but was showing the money and somehow his ip address was untraceable? Then what would you do?

    • Then I'd turn down the offer immediately, because I'd know that the guy has no intention of paying me anything, and that he probably doesn't have any cash to offer in the first place. He'd basically be putting me through a Darwin test. "Hey, d'you wanna agree to lemme kill ya fer a sweet three million smackeroos? Think a' what ya could do wi' that money, eh?" Thanks, but no thanks- I have a functioning brain.

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  • Bat. Doesn't specify how hard he has to hit.

    • I said hit. So you should know its going to hurt bad.

  • No. I'm not gonna kill myself for some money.

    • You could survive #1 and 4

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  • uh no, no, no and no

    pretty sure you'd die from the first three.

    there's a good chance you'd die from the fourth and if not you will probably have about $3million worth of healthcare expenses

    so that's a big no to all

    • How would you die from #1?

    • small exposure to the skin of bleech can lead to permanent skin bleaching, thinning of skin, uneven colour loss, leading to a blotchy appearance, redness and intense irritation, dark grey spots, skin cancer, acne, increase in appetite and weight gain, osteoporosis, neurological and kidney damage due to high level of mercury used in the creams, psychiatric disorders, asthma, liver damage and severe birth defects in children born to mothers who abuse certain chemicals...

      that's just to the touch. inhalation of bleach can lead to fatal toxic levels especially if there is any ammonia present... and again this is in small doses

      you are talking about 3 hours in an nearly airtight small space

  • No. Those are retarded.

    • Why not?

    • The odds of death and life changing injury, just for some cash. Its insane.

  • Nope... LOL

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