Please someone answer me this?

So I stopped talking to my dad but before he got me a phone. He didn't ask for the phone back. But he disconnected it. So, i dropped my phone and the screen has a bunch of colors now. Like it got ruined.. Is it possible I could go to the store and get a replacement? Even if I don't talk to my dad. I could take the box of the phone so they can track the plan or something. I don't talk to him tho.. So would that be a problem? My carrier is Verizon.


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  • Replacing the screen on a smartphone can certainly be done for just about any phone - but it's not always cost-effective. Some screen assemblies are more than $200 for the part alone. iPhones are relatively cheap because there are so many of the identical phone, but other phones that are less common tend to cost more, especially if they are high-resolution, especially large, or high-tech in some way.

    But I'm not sure what the point would be. If your dad disconnected your line, he'd have had to pay the ETF (early termination fee) or pay off the phone (one or the other, depending on the carrier and his agreement with them), so you can't generally just give the phone back and walk away - it doesn't work that way.

    • The phone is an Iphone 6 plus

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    • Can I just get a replacement? Cause it's not just the screen. The phone shuts off on itself and other issues from before. My only question is, I don't talk to my dad but can I still get a replacement without him? Even if he disconnected the phone. I been having the phone since March so not so long and it's got lots of issues.

    • You'd have to pay Apple's "repair" price, but, yes, I believe you can get a replacement. But I would call the Apple Store first - don't waste a trip.

  • The only problem I see is the provider.


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