Help please..! Being at a disadvantage?

Hey everybody.. I'm a loser.. Have no real friends or at least a good friend.. I'm in another country where they see me as an ant because I'm a syrian guy who was in a "must" to come to germany as a refugee... By the time I was 18 years old I was told I must go and fight with the army or I would be killed.. Then I decided I should run away out of syria.. After couple of months I got my school leaving certification and went as a visit to egypt where my parents live.. My father is incredibly rich and has diversified companies from real estate to lingerie.. When I was in egypt I applied to the ameican university and the British university but they told me I should get a TOEFL certificate sothat I could get accepted.. It might take several months to get it.. I tried to get a study visum to germany but I ought to get a B1 certificate at least.. In egypt they told I mustn't stay longer than 3 months after arrival or they would send me back to syria.. I didn't have a choice but to go to turkey and from there to greece and from greece to germany (sure as a refugee).. I don't know what should I do.. I speak german fluently now cuz it's a year gone in germany.. But how would I get out this look when someone looks at me and says (haha he's a refugee) or when no girl or guy talks to me because of that and things like thisπŸ˜“
I'm in a sincere need for your help.. Please provide me every single tip and advice in order to let the other not see me as an ant...
And thank you for your help


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  • I believe you have to first of all feel confident in ur self, since there is a saying that you need to love yourself before someone else can love you. In doing that you will feel that socializing with other people wouldn't be as difficult as you thought. On the aspect of no girl or guy wants to talk to you I believe you don't need to wait for them to initiate the act of greetings, you can talk a bold step and say hi every time you see them and one day someone will surely answer you and when that day comes it will mark ur acceptance into their community. Wishing you Goodluck

    • Hey thank you so much for that.. But how would you greet anyone when they run away from you? Let's say the girls they fear you rape them.. The guys they fear you kill them... It's really to this point.. I'm convinced that nobody would understand what I'm talking about here because it hasn't happened to anybody before..

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    • Thank you so much.. :)

    • You are welcome 😊

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  • Bruh if you can move freely between countries you a migrant, not a refugee because you are not looking for REFUGE. Tell people you are there for a fucken college degree not for refugee status.

    The media fucked you over man, now people think all of your people are sorry refugees while thats not true. Talk to people man, tell them you are not looking for reguge but for education to work in your fathers comanies, they will respect that.

    • Thank you so much for that :) there's the problem of them running away from because they are afraid you do them harm.. And let's say now I have an iPhone 6s Plus 64 GB.. Everyone I meet thinks I got it from germany I mean the german country have bought it and given it to me because I'm a syrian.. It's as you said the media who fucked me and others like me... It's really a fucking bad reality 😞