English Word for Someone Easily Convinced by Anything that Confirms their Ideas?

I have a co-partner... he irritates me a lot because, for example we are building our company. He continuously wants to initiate a new idea even if it is bad without making sure we stabilise the current operations we do.

He will talk to his friends about his ideas when I don't respond so positively, and any positive affirmation of the idea, he will run with it and want to do it

for example, we are making a school in china that we run. We have not even started it yet. He told his friend... now his friend said we should make one in another city also. So he wants to start that and we haven't even stabilised otherr parts of our company yet and he keeps wanting to do new things justifying it by saying "this is business"

i thought:

but not quite the words to describe it.

sometimes don't know how to deal with him


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  • This is an interesting question. Perhaps quixotic (not quite but partly)? Validation-seeking? Affirmation-seeking? not quite gullible...
    Huh. I don't know if there is a word for this. I would say easily swayed but it's someone who listens only to yes-men.
    Close-minded lol?

    • usually interesting questions don't get many responses lol. I never heard of quixotic but it's the best word so far!

      He just fucking suggested doing 2 new ideas! ffs

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  • "Someone Easily Convinced by Anything that Confirms their Ideas" is confirmation bias, but I'm not sure if you can use that as an adjective.

    What you're describing, however, doesn't sound like confirmation bias. I don't know what to call it either.


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  • Confirmation bias is the term you're looking for. As for a noun, I don't think there is one

  • Biased

  • validation bias?

    • not quite.

      do you know anyone like this? it usually doesn't bother me but because it now directly affects me, i have to pay attention to it. He tells me to be more optimistic and positive... i am but we are now doing so many things and we don't have the resources to focus equally one everything yet so it's getting a bit stupid

    • fucking just suggested 2 new things to do!