How many of you have forgotten how to address an envelope for the mail (from memory)?

Without checking the internet or without anything written on the envelope to help you out as a template. Could you properly write a letter to be sent through the mail?

  • I know exactly how
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  • I could take a good guess
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  • I knew how, but forgot
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  • I never learned and have no idea (kids)
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What Girls Said 2

  • Yep, I used to send letters with mom quite often. Especially to dad.

  • Yes, I know how to write letters. I use to write them very often.


What Guys Said 2

  • I regularly use the mail and send letters. The mail is still very important in Switzerland and Swiss culture. Almost all important things - be it the documents for voting and elections from the government, information letters from your insurance or bank, bills for paying the television and internet fees or important info memos from your university/work place or your children's school are sent as letters by mail. So of course I also have to regularly send letters back to some people and institutions. Until two years ago when I got my electronic banking account, I also used to pay all my bills manually. I would go to the post office, let them process the bill and pay in cash. Many people still do that. Email is mostly used for casual and/or less important stuff.

  • It's extremely simple:

    Recipient's name and where it's going (address, town, state, zipcode) in the center. Your name/address in the upper left corner.