Has Donald Trump ever lied about anything?

people accuse him f being a racist, a bigot, sexist, warmongering, greedy... but would liar be another one?

what has he lied about if so?


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  • He doesn't lie, he just skips the question/topic and rambles about something completely different when he doesn't want to touch a certain subject.


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  • He said that he is going to get Mexico to pay for the wall and came to an agreement with Mexico's leader, and then Mexico's leader said they weren't going to pay as well as many more such as lying about tax tariffs between America and China as well as using outdated statistics. ( this last one technically might not e a lie, but it wasn't the truth when he said it)

  • Has he ever told the truth?

    • Yes lol.

      He said illegal immigrants from Mexico are rapists and drug dealers...

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    • Well guess what? Some of the illegal immigrants from Mexico ARE rapists, drug dealers, etc...

    • "He said illegal immigrants from Mexico"
      "Some of the illegal immigrants from Mexico ARE"

      ... notice the difference?

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