I have a problem with my friend. Can you give me some advice?

Ok, let me explain. I love my best girl friend, but she sometimes ignores me. There's two girls in my class, and they are really ,, social media-obssessed" and basic. And my friend likes to talk to her, leave comments on her photos like ,, You are the best person in the whole world! You are perfect! You look like a princess!" etc etc etc. Sometimes I just want to talk to her, but she sits with them and looks at their phone. I always liked her, because you can talk with her about your feelings and other people, but those girls only talk about basic stuff, like, clothes and their selfies. I tried to talk to her about that, but all she says is ,, I don't even know why I like them! They are just perfect!". My best friend is a very good person, and I do not want to lose her. I'm just afraid that they will give her some bad influence. No, I'm not being selfish. She has many other friends, but all those girls are doing, is uploading pics to Facebook and talking shit about others. One time, when one of those girls got angry on me, my best friend talked shit about me with her. Then she acted like my friend, as always. PLEASE, HELP, I'M BEGGING YOU!πŸ˜‚and I'm not going to give up on her.
p. s. I'm REALLY sorry for my English.


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  • She is using you