What is mean? My English not good? Please? My German friend?

Hey i you like you may tell me your address :)

My friend send me this message But I didn't understand (I you like you )
İs it wrong? Somethings wrong?
Can you explain this message as simple?


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  • He says he's with the Al Qaeda and coming for your family. RUN!


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  • He said it wrong, but it sounds like he is saying

    "Hey I like you, can you tell me your adress?"

    I guess he wants to come over.

  • ask your friend to write in german and i'll be able to help you 😋

    • Are you german?

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    • @Red_Arrow uh no, german has a different grammar than English
      in german I can say "ich kann Englisch" or "ich sprache Englisch" and both sentences mean that I can speak german

    • -if I remember correctly- it's been years since I last practised 😞