Sould I tell my parents about this?

I'm currently 17 years old, almost 18. However, when I was around 7/8 years old I was sexually assulted by the father of my dad's (now ex) girlfriend. I've suffered from servere anxiety and have been self-harming on/off for years, along with three suicide attempts in my life, and I believe this to be the cause, along with extreme bullying all through primary and secondary school. I have recently (and all through my life) been showing signs of depression, although I am not 100% sure and do not want to self-diagnose.
I'm fairly sure that if I went to the doctor or a counsellor now, they would have to break confidentiality and tell my parents about this, which I don't want as my father has servere anger issues and is quite violent when he gets angry, and my mother also suffers from depression and I do not want her finding out and feeling like she failed as a parent.
This in mind, I turn 18 in 5/6 months, so by then if I went to a doctor or counsellor and came clean about the incident they would not need to tell anyone as I would legally be an adult. I have never told an adult about the situation I went through with this man as I was far too scared of what would happen, the only people who know are my boyfriend of a year and a half and my best friend who I've known since before we could talk.
My question is: should I go to the doctors now about my symptoms as they are getting quite bad, this would mean my parents finding out. Or should I wait 6 months until I turn 18 and ensure they never find out?


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  • Wait the 6 months

  • Therapists are legally required to notify law enforcement if you were abused as a minor. They are NOT allowed to tell your parents if you are an adult, unless you have them authorized to receive info.


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