I get better treatment at work and my colleagues hate me?

so, I have a really nice boss
he's really kind and won't give me hard tasks and he doesn't even let me carry heavy stuff or something. He always tells me how attractive i am and that i'm the most beautiful employee they ever had.. anyway everyone gets pissed, i can understand why but am i to blame? I always tell him that he doesn't need to treat me special but he doesn't listen and he even gives me more tips than the other employees. I am actually kinda happy about my situation but my colleagues are fed up and tell me to stop flirting and being cheap? not only female coworkers but also male ones! the last time he told a guy to carry stuff around that i was supposed to carry because ''attractive women shouldn't carry heavy stuff''. I wanted to snatch my heavy paper work away but my co worker said if he won't carry it the boss will get mad.. basically no one stands me only a few that work in other departments currently. They say it's because of me being busty but my boobs are hidden in my uniform and i am not allowed to show cleavage. What should I do? I have no friends there and when i try to talk to them they block me.. there are only two guys in my department who talk to me and the others say its only because i'm ''cheap'' and busty again


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  • Meet friends outside of work.


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