I have a big problem?

I lie a lot!
I love to lie!
I do it almost every time I speak!
I'm so good at it.
I'm an expert.
I can't help it, before I even know it I'm lying.
I rarely get caught unless my mum is involved and I get really mad when she catches me in a lie, and deny it to the end.
I lie so much, that I realized I started to believe my lies and get passive agressive when my mum calls me out on them when I know everything she saying is the truth. I will never admit the truth---NEVER!
I need help!
I even lie when there is absolutely no reason too, I really just can't help it! My mouth betrays me before I could even think about what I'm going to say.
I'm a 15 year old female that's a pathological liar!
I'm so calm, nonchalant, and normal about it I feel even lie detectors wouldn't be able to detect my life. This is a problem that is ruining my relationships
Sadly I wish all of the above ^ was a lie, but it's not πŸ˜• I know I need help... I don't believe in this therapy crap my mum is always talking to me about, maybe some tips?


Most Helpful Girl

  • A therapist isn't going to "fix" you, but they can help you explore the reasons why you are compelled to lie. You might be able to manage it on your own, but it will take a strong desire to change and a lot of personal work either way. Sadly most often you won't change until you are forced to (often called rock bottom).

    As a therapist myself, I can't fix or even change my clients. I can provide a safe space for them to explore sensitive issues, reflect their feelings to help them gain clarity, and support them as someone who has no vested interest in the out come besides their health and happiness. I wouldn't care if my client was a liar, it only matters if the behavior is causing them pain. I hope that clears up therapy a bit for you, it's not "and how does that make you feel?" that tv often portrays.

    My guess would be that lying has been modeled to you at some point and that your lying has protected you in some way in your past. It could even be that lying to yourself has protected you. If you can convince yourself that you don't care about a person or an outcome (not deliberately, it's unconscious) then it doesn't hurt as much when let down. This behavior can make you feel clever and powerful for getting others to believe you, but it makes it very hard to really connect with other people and the habit make the truth harder to find and accept.

    This behavior can push loved ones away, betraying their trust. The good news is that by redirecting your clever nature and putting in some hard work, you can completely overcome this. I'm sure you have the strength and wit to do it.


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    • Oh yes we're both blonde and love to lie! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Still better than Trump.

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  • Go to therapy!!! If you're this far off where you believe your lies imagine what comes after! Go to therapy... you're only 15... you have time before you really screw your life up!

  • maybe try to work out the reason for it. write in a journal the reasons for it. what it makes you feel. when you started with it.