What should I do?

I failed my first test and I'm not doing so well with the assignments do I drop the class or keep trying it would show as withdrawal if I drop it but is that worth it its either withdrawal or dropping my gpa failing the class :/


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  • I was there, my first year in college. I got my midterm grades, and my 'Advisor' said I should drop out, and enlist in the military.
    Well, that kind of motivated me to figure it out, and focus, and realize that college isn't High School, and nobody is there to help, really.
    Do it, or don't!! It is up to you! Do you want it, or are you just going because you are supposed to?
    Tough Love, maybe, but sometimes, like my Dad did, someone kind of needs to tell you that you need to decide what YOU want to do, and CHOOSE!!
    If you want this college thing, and a degree, stop messing around and FOCUS!!
    Dropping just starts a trend, and every time you come close to failing, and you can bail out, you will. What about after college? A marriage? Kids?
    Don't bail out, don't quit! If you don't 'get it' go to the professor's office and get help!! Get a Tutor!! Do SOMETHING, but don't quit!! Once you get used to quitting, you will do it all through your life!! Yeah, and there are statistics on that!! :)
    Trying to help, so don't hate me!! I was there, and thought that, and I struggled, for a while, but I didn't quit, and I have a degree, and a Master's too!!
    You can do it, but it takes work!!

    • Thankyou so much exactly what I needed to hear :)

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  • Look at it this way - Is the effort it takes to get a pass taking away from other subjects - I had same problem with an advanced maths class, if I concentrate solely on that I probably would barely pass it but all my other classes grades would suffer so I stayed in ordinary maths and got good grades across the board.

  • Is it possible you can pass if you put extra work into it?

    • I am putting a lot of work into it and I'm trying really hard but it just doesn't quick I don't know what to do

    • Ahhh, honestly if I were you I'd take the withdraw. Maybe the class isn't for you and that's completely fine. Better than lowering your GPA. Not all classes are for everybody.

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  • Withdrawal! If you have one W... it's okay. You're human. Jobs probably won't care too much... unless you had like 2-5 Withdrawals. :)