Greatest lessons you've learned in life?

What are the greatest lessons you've learned in life.

Mine is :
Safety first.
Make little mistakes, avoid big ones
Learn from others and each experience you have.
Avoid people with knives (doctors... unless you have no other choice).
Find and maintain good friends.


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  • Live a good and honorable life in the way of the Golden Rule so that when our time comes, we will be remembered fondly in the memories of the lives we've touched along the way. in doing so, we live on as well.


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  • 1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    2. Walk the talk when proving something righteous. Talk the walk when exposing something unethical.
    3. Better be safe than sorry.
    4. It's OK to burst in tears as you conquer your fears.
    5. Judgments: sometimes objective (constructive criticism), oftentimes subjective and offensive (stepping onto personal space).
    6. Offense is the best defense.
    7. Globalization is somewhat flawed; such melting pot will always have dominance and subordination.
    8. Earning and receiving trust do make and break people.
    9. We are all cheaters in our own telltale ways.
    10. Authenticity depreciates as imitations increase in number.
    11. Wrongdoings are remembered while honorable deeds are not even heard.
    12. Knowledgeable and disciplined people always shine.

  • Greatest Lessons About Feelings:

    1. Jealousy is a wasted emotion.
    2. What people think of you is none of your own business.
    3. Immediately remove people from your life who are toxic (don't let 'being attracted to them' interfere with it).
    4. Stop the belief that you should keep friendships with people you've slept with.
    5. Best to keep your mouth shut most times. You can *think* whatever you like, but as soon as you say something you may have revealed too much.

    Greatest Lessons About Well-Being:

    1. Have a cup of tea after the evening meal.
    2. Always have a book on the go.
    3. Wash your hair every second day.
    4. Every year, get involved with one thing in your community, even if it's for a day.
    5. Floss.

    • wash ever 2nd day so doesn't dry out? do you use conditioner sometimes instead of soap.. I hear that is a trick.
      Immediately remove toxic- I hear ya, but don't agree because sometimes those are the people you will learn th emost from. however, you are going to suffer being around them as you know.

    • Prevents hair from drying, accumulating build-up, and it saves money. :)

  • When someone attractive starts flirting with you, you shouldn't always read too much into it or get too emotionally attached to them.

  • Life is life, you get hurt, you move on. #YOLO

  • Don't hang on to something that you will not remember in 5 years. There is no point of being upset or angry about something that you won't remember in the long run. Focus on the life you live now because it could change. Don't take it for granted.

  • Don't take candy from strangers!

    Be careful who you trust and Respect is earned.


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  • Don't waste your life away. In other words, go for it. Don't let it pass you by while you decide what to do with it.

    This is part of the first one. Knock off the video games, computer, and internet already. That's not the real world. The real world is outside the door.

    Take care of your health. Eat right. Get exercise. Avoid injuries.

    Money is over-rated. Sunsets, walking in the rain, and laughing with friends is free.

    Nip bad habits in the bud.

    Don't procrastinate.

    Save money. That's not a contradiction to money being over-rated. You need to find a balance, and save for retirement or a rainy day.

    Stop and smell the roses. That's free also.

    What kind of stories will you tell your grand children? Will they be bored? Or will the say "Wow grandma/pa, that's really cool."? Think really hard about that.

    You can't carry the world on your shoulders. Stop trying, it'll only make you feel like shit. Go keep the old lady across the street company. Hold the door open for someone and smile. That's what makes the world better, not being crushed by the weight of carrying the whole thing. Multiply those little things by a few billion people and it far outweighs all the negative stuff you see in the news.

    Grow up.

    Don't grow up.

    Grow a vegetable garden. Grow a flower garden. Both of them. Put the flowers is a vase. When it's dinner time, walk outside and pick some vegetables.

    Hug a child. Let them hug you.

  • procrastination brings great mental stress and it´s better to just do it.

    i still procrastinate xD i "learned" it but i´m not actually changing anything, which probably means i´m a dumb fuck... oh well ^^

  • Yellow snow doesn't taste like lemon.

  • 1. The media lies.
    2. The world is run by Corporations not Governments.
    3. Never believe that anything is 'impossible'.
    4. Learn to forgive and move on.
    5. Every successful person has failed more times than they have succeeded.
    6. Everyone has had a really bad day.
    7. No one has the right to treat another person of a different Ethnic background less than themselves.
    8. The easiest way to destroy hate is with knowledge.
    9. There are 'legal corporations' that benefit from wars and crime.
    10. The world owes you nothing, work towards achieving something you can be proud of earning.

  • You miss every shot you don't take.
    Things happen for a reason.
    If you're meant to be with someone, everything will happen so effortlessly you won't even realize.
    Don't speak unless you have something to say.
    You don't know everything.
    Fighting and arguing is a waste of time. Know what their position is and respect it, even if you don't agree.
    Cite your sources.

  • That even when you do everything right. You can still loose. Becuase that is just life.

  • Murphy law is real

  • To impress the chick do the helicopter dick.

  • 1) Think positive.
    2) Don't try and change something which can't be changed.
    3) It's not a problem, it's a challenge and there is always a way round it, you just have to find it!
    4) Everything happens for a reason.
    5) People who are meant to be in your life, will stay. The other will pass by.

  • trust yourself and not people
    give them rope until they choke, and once trust is broken walk way and never look back

    have high standards for yourself and aim higher

    be humble

    truth is worse than lies but the quicker you feel the pain the less shit you have to deal with (where with lies you just cover it up until it all breaks down on you)

    try to get better a little bit each and everyday

    be grateful

    everything happens for a reason and could be happened otherwhise

    • oh, and of course - if someone tells you that he/she is in a certain way believe it. no matter how friendly or hot, recognize shitbags just be able to defend yourself

  • I like your number 3 and 5 .

  • Don't EVER drop the soap 😳

  • Nothing is free , haha.

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