How Hard Will Highschool Be For Me?

I go to a Private Christian school... I'll be going to a public non religious school. I'm scared about highschool. I'm scared I'll never get a girlfriend. I'm scared I'll never get a boyfriend. Mainly because all the 'attractive' guys and girls these days are fuckgirls and fuckboys :( I'm scared that my science teacher will make me write some paper on evalution and I won't know what to do. I'm scared about all the drama, about being bullied for liking both genders, about being bullied for not being like everyone else, for dating someone who isn't considered 'hot' or 'attractive'. I like people for their personality, and if they're cute, well, that's great <3 I'll get to have a sweet cute boyfriend, or a beautiful funny girlfriend. Overall I'm just worried. Life is strange. Any advice? Halp Meh.


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  • This just comes down to you needing to stop caring what people think of you. I know that's really difficult to do at a young age so the other option is to try an alternative learning school. They usually have much fewer kids and have a more condusive environment for nurturing a fragile ego. The teachers will be able to work with you more individually and the kids are more accepting because there's not really enough space or a large enough population to form cliques.


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  • Well this is a big transition but for what reason do you need to go to a non religious school? The point is you just need to be yourself and only focus on school work. Most guys at your age is already doing that sadly, and very few are not. But than again, you don't even know what their true intentions are. I never had to go through that thankfully because I went to a small high school with about 70 kids, only 2-3 classes are of the same grade, and they were new schools.

    Try it out for a few weeks. If you can't do it, than transfer out. Don't be in a place overall that will jeopardize your education.


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