Am I overreacting if I find a guy messaging me this a bit odd?

am i overreacting if i find a guy messaging me this a bit odd:

"Hei :) How was the gym? I saw you walking to uni today"

I met this guy on Thursday, he messaged me on Saturday and we have been talking pretty much daily since then. I didn't mentione anything about going to the gym

He just sendt me that, and i dont know how to feel.


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  • I see nothing wrong with this. If you think it is borderline stalking, then block him.

    • Well I wouldn't call it stalking, we do go to the same university and we live in the same area

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  • Seems iffy to me - Did you post on facebook or any social media about hitting the gym?

    • Nope

    • Keep an eye on things for next few days - One more stalkerish incident - Report him to police.

  • Stalker alert.

    • The ting is that its hard to say because we live so close and we go to the same university.

  • it means he saw you, and thought of you, so, thought hed let you know he was

    • makes sense i guess

    • girls overthink things a lot

    • its not about me trying to find out what it means or not. I just found it to be an odd thing to say because i have never experienced that before. But yes, genereally i overthink a lot, lol

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