Why do some minorities act violent if they're trying so hard to prove everyone wrong?

I've seen them react on youtube pranks. If they are so offended by some of us believing the stereotype of them being violent and care about proving everyone wrong then how about not acting violent in the first place? Not getting into fights, nor talking loud like a ghetto, nor doing anything that would confirm that stereotype.

For instance if you had the stereotype of being a mean drunkard then getting drunk is the least you should be doing.


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  • Call of lack of education. People from low socioeconomic cultures lack education. This skews their view of how to act. Not all of them but the ones that act out lack the education to understand how much they hurt their own image

    • Pretty much this but I know of a celebrity that is pretty much a thug and he's wealthy.

    • But he's a celebrity so that's why he has money. All his money didn't elevate his socioeconomic stature

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  • You're right, blacks tend to be very violent.

    • This is why I'm leery of ever dating a black man. There was only one black guy in my HS that really had class and very smart. He was pretty much an introvert and is now engaged.

      But yeah, that's the only one. I used to looked up to a celebrity but he proved to be a POS and another wife beater. Sucks... guys like those ruined it all for the few exceptional ones.

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  • lol,
    action leads to reaction, don't go provoking people and act suprised when you get beat down.
    Love it when i see those youtube pranks go wrong stay in your lane little bitches

    • Well that's one way for them to really give themselves a bad name.

    • oh well, don't go provoking people

  • Ever consider that these are two different sets of people?

    I see white people Instagramming their daily Starbucks, complaining that they got the wrong color iPad for their birthday, spending hundreds of dollars for "vintage looking" worn out clothing, etc... But have not a damn thing in common with them other than skin tone.

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