Is this not the saddest thing?

Many men are not looked at by women growing up in his early teens and 20's. Then gets told to work on himself so he can be that which makes him sexually visible to a girl by his late 20's and 30's. Only to realise he has missed his sexual prime by then, will never be with a girl through all those fun sex and relationship deal points (be her first, high school love, varsity shenanigans, naughty club stories etc), and then realises that all the work he had put into himself makes it that a) he is to busy for relationships anyway, and b) he has done so much more work than the guys who got fucked, for a way less return on investment. Then wonders if it was all worth it. Only to be told, in his 30's or so that he should grow up and focus on shit like finding "the one" or settling, or kids etc.
then when he is pissed at that reality, he gets told he is bitter and should cheer up. Nothing like letting go of a life less lived and to bury it because "somebody told you to"

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.


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  • Yeah. It does sound pretty sad to hear about a guy who saw nothing more desirable or worthwhile in life than the thought of getting some pussy as well as female attention in general.

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    • ... like "why don't women like me" am I "good enough"l for her" etc. it's has long term implications (poorer quality of life, being lonely) and maybe not physical pain per se, but men then find coping strategies like alcohol, sex addiction (porn) drugs etc. which is bad anyway. Or some men just kill themselves or somebody over it.

      Bad is bad. And lack of love is bad.

    • everyone, women included, face issues like that. It's shared by all humans, not just men. My boyfriend, for example, is completely ignoring me after I turned down his offer to spend the night. I could go jump off a bridge or turn alcoholic to cope. Who's to blame for that in the end, though? My boyfriend, or me, for being too much of a lazy fuck to deal with my emotions in a reasonable manner?
      Me. I'd be to blame. Sorry but same in your case.

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  • Sad truth but it happens more then people think. Growing up myself I noticed I will never be noticed, Im using this time to enjoy myself without that special someone. Sometimes you realize there no meaning

    • Dude, guys like us hit existential crisis earlier than most. It's a bitch. Good luck man. Mean it with all my heart.

    • Had to Google what it meantakes by existential crisis and yes I have experienced that once I was going through high school. Instead of worrying about girls I'm working towards other things I want in life like a house x3

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