Brexit: 3 Months on and The EU Propoganda Proven False. Were you a Remainer and do You Still Believe?

Number of Japanese car manufacturers who threatened to leave the country who have gone? Zero. Consumer confidence? Weirdly buoyant. New Prime Minister? Stable, resolute and looking smashing in orange. Hate crime? Back to exactly the same level it was before. Naughty, smack-bottom Punishment Budget with £30 billion in tax increases? Disappeared, along with George Osborne. Threat of imminent recession? Er, looks like that was a teeny bit overstated, actually.

The EU is equivalent to Americans going into a continental wide union. A law system in Canada, a justice system in Cuba, a social system in Venezuela. It would be intolerable to most Americans but it's what we have in Europe.

The euro will consistently go into repeated debt and this won't stop. Angela Merkel has made a suicidal commitment to crashing the continent while Germany reaps momentarily.

There's an analogy in Europe. There is a canary in the mine. It starts alerting people then nothing happens. The canaries dies and no one knows.

It's a really inefficient way to run a country. 80%of uk laws are made in Brussels. The UK, a place where magna cartner originated is now a pawn state under the EU. It works like this. Countries have the freedom to operate at debt because all money filters to Brussels and passes out. The same way in the USA new York can be in debt but it doesn't matter because texas won't be and money gets sent to Washington. Really inefficient

The Post EU Predictions Made by Left Wing Propoganda Proven Wrong (3 Billion Brussels Investment)
The predictions were that the London market would go into meltdown if we voted to leave the EU. It would be Lehman Brothers all over again, except probably far worse. The index could lose 20 to 30 per cent of its value we were told. But that was not the case.

The Brexit was more so a problem for the EU economy rather than the UK. At worst we had a short drop, the billions the EU invested in scare mongering to keep the elite of the UK in fear to leave the EU was all in vain. The grim economic prospects we were predicted to have, have not happened even with the London centric UK focus that caused a division throughout the country.

From a consumer perspective, incomes are rising strongly, employment is at an all-time high of 74.4 pc, unemployment is
extremely low with listings throughout the country actually increasing by 150,000 according to reed which is 8% increase, house and asset prices buoyant, all supporting consumption.

According to the IMF now takes a ‘benign’ view of Brexit, suggesting growth of 1.7 per cent this year and 1.3 per cent the next (better than Italy, France or even Germany). Our potential for trade deals has opened up and australia, south korea, mexico have advocated their urgency to begin trade deals directly with


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  • Well not sure where you are getting your facts from but I still believe that remaining could have stopped the pound from falling below dollars and if UK had stayed in EU then they would not have been so much trouble for British citizens living their lives in other EU countries. Problems not only with trading but immigration too has began in england. more and more EU citizens are taking British citizenship, What are you calling that? Plus if u think UK should have independence from EU then why does Scotland get a chance to get Independence? Why doesn't everyone get their voices heard?

    • Scotland already voted to stay in the UK for better or worse, why not have referendums on who's staying or leaving every five minutes after all nobody has asked the English if they want to remain in the UK.

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    • @RandomBritishGuy94 First, your statistics on Scotland's vote is wrong because it is 1.6 million who voted remain (62%) and 1 million who voted leave. That is a significantly higher margin of victory compared to what it was in England for leave; where 13 million (47%) voted remain and 15 million (53%) voted leave. So, aren't you ignoring the 13 million who voted to remain? Moreover, I don't know how the leave voters are suddenly giving weight to opinion polls after bullshitting them throughout the EU referendum campaign (FYI, I am one of those who still favour staying with UK)

      I am willing to accept the result, but what I need from David Davis is, how is he, as the Secretary of State, going to get the 48% who voted remain on board? What is his plan? What is our position on the single market? I have mates in Edinburgh whose parents are Italian but have been here in Edinburgh for three decades; what is going to be their status and future?

      Three months on, I don't see any plan.

    • @ogutbomb My bad. 1.3 was the number it won by overall.

      The "plan" is to negotiate a deal. That can't be done until article 50 is triggered and sadly nobody was ready because nobody was willing to consider leave won. At least nobody who could make decisions. They just all assumed remain would win and nothing would change.

      The plan is fairly simple - trade deals with other countries ready to activate when we officially "leave". Free trade in key area's with the EU. The exact nature won't be known for a lot longer then a few months. This was never going to be quick and easy.

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  • It is still too early to tell.

    UK Laws made in the EU? Not 80%, you only get to about 60% if you are looking at EU regulations that affect the UK. If you have a problem with the laws that were made, you need to vote for someone else since the European Parliament is elected by you. So far your elected representatives have voted largely in favour of legislation and such proposed by the EU.

    All you have here are alarmist hypotheses about the future of Europe and short term results of the effects thus far in the UK, incorrect figures, and are hiding behind anonymity.

    • Citizens of EU nations only have 1/26th of a vote.

      So you are wrong to think that simply voting will make everything better.

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    • That the EU had no control over.

    • @gotc147 So some votes make things better. So long as it's not those Eurocrats, eh? Those MEPs you also voted for to represent your country in the EU parliament.

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  • I knew it was going to bounce back but damn that was fast! Kudos Brits, I'd shake your hand if I could.

    Time for the EU to break apart piece by piece and for Donald Tusk and his underlings to be given the Mousolini treatment. It's time for the world to return to all nations taking care of themselves and for those leaders failing their nations to be removed from power, by force if necessary.

    Here's to hoping the next couple decades see the slow and painful disbandment of the EU and UN and the power being returned to the people!

    • thank you, yes the IMF were labelled a joke for their predictions of recession and economic collapse. Especially since they turned round and now changed to say that the UK will be the second fastest growing G7 country in the world. Something that wouldn't be the case if we weree stuck in the shit hole that was the EU. The EU is demolishing cultures, a lot of the EU countries still think they can keep it.

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    • i'm curious, do you support obama. Obama was one of the people that made many vote leave Brexit. He came to the UK and spoke to us like nothing, threatening the uk that we would go to the back fo the queue of trade deals if we left. i feel like hilary will continue the policies of obama. who are you hoping for president

    • Good god no, Obama is a globalist, as are the Clintons.

      Obama sees himself as above us meger peasants, he believes his power to be limitless, a lot of Americans hate him for that reason.

  • I'm not surprised at all. I hope other EU countries follow us and destroy it. The people who actually believe the remain side scaremongering tend to be weak fucks who just blindly follow anything they're told like good sheep. Anybody with a brain could see it for what it was.

    • Do you have any idea as to why the European Union was set up? Please look into who were the founding countries to set this up. Maybe that could change your mind as to why EU is stronger united.

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    • @Steve2234 Honestly, if you think russia will have free access to the UK because of brexit then you are kind of deluded. no offence meant. Our military relationship with our closest allies has not been affected. Countries like the US would lose a major foothold in Europe if the UK fell to russia.

      A russian invasion isn't likely, and if it did happen our military allies wouldn't turn their backs because of brexit. despite being a small island, we still have one of the most powerful and experienced militaries in the world. the EU does not = military alliance.

    • @Death_of_rats I agree with you but you have to also know that there are many supporters of Putin between the USA politicians and I am not going to name them here. But you are right, russia would not be able to start war just because of Brexit. I would like to add, UK does have a very strong military which allows UK to defend themselves quite well.

      @Steve2234 No matter the outcome, We can never hope for war as that is the worst thing anyone can do. In this island there are millions who chose to stay in the EU among the millions who chose to leave. So i respect everyone but I just argue one the matter about people not understanding the lies that were told and the consequences of such an event like Brexit.

  • I voted leave and am happy enough with my vote. We need to put the few racists who feel emboldened back in their box but other then that nothing as happened that's overly bad.

    A low pound isn't a bad thing. Our exports are higher then they have been in years and the FTSE 100 is up because they mostly make profits in other currencies then report it in pounds (so it's transferred over).

    I suspect there will be a real blow at some point, and I expected that when I voted, but honestly I'm more sure now then before I voted. You can think the remainers who are insulting those of us who chose leave for that.

    why did I vote leave?

    - Lack of state aid in the EU
    - Having to ask 27 other countries to drop VAT on tampons is ridiculous
    - I dislike the lack of accountability for some of those in the EU.
    - The Lisbon treaty was rejected (as the European constitution) and they ignored the voice of democracy.

    There are a number of other reasons. None of them make me a racist or "mad". The whole "rational 48%" that's popped up is insulting. Claiming we're too dumb to understand what I voted for.

    No, today I am more sure then when I voted.

  • the Eu is a sinking ship and im so glad we jumped ship when we did. I actively campaigned leave as I value democracy and freedom, which are 2 things we didn't have under EU rule. I dint vote for the EU leaders, and neither did anyone else here in the UK and if we have to pay for that in a slight decrease in the £ (which isn't a bad thing as it makes us more desirable to trades outsde the EU) then so be it.

    There is growing anti EU sentiment across the continent and even merkels party has had a crushing defeat in recent polls.

    The EU was only ever meant to be a trading block, but gradually they started to implement laws we had to abide by that no British citizen ever voted for. My grandad would be turning in his grave.

  • If this doesn't get worse in the following year, I wouldn't be surprised if more countries want to leave the EU.

    • They actually do. Sweden and the Netherlands arr being the most vocal about leaving. France also, if France Italy or Spain leave. Might as well acknowledge collapse

    • I don't know if Spain and Italy will leave, they need the money from the EU right now. They're not as powerful as the UK.

  • I don't see where you get your figures from, considering that the Pound is still struggling, investor confidence in low, the drop in credit rating of UK Bonds.

    Right now you aren't seeing the full ramifications since article 50 is yet to be triggered; but when it is, mind you, we lose access to the single market and that is when you'd see its ramifications, right now, UK is de jure part of EU. Moreover, like David Lammy put it, there is a difference between access to single market and the mode of access; even North Korea has access to the EU market; the negotiations are to be on what terms we gain that access. But then, so far, I have heard no plans come from David Davis, Boris Johnson or Liam Fox; the 350 million to NHS was admitted to be a hoax promise.

    Mind you, I am from Scotland, I voted remain (I also voted to stay in UK), I still believe it is the best way forward.

    I am surprised at your naivety, that you decide the failure of our campaign in three months when even the legal process for the exit is yet to begin and David Davis has no clue where to start.

    • where did you get the idea that is a bad thing? that seems naive if you're just following EU scare mongering campaigns to keep people in the EU. The IMF recalled their ideas about a sinking British economy following brexit and now have been labelled clowns. The UK economy has been measured to be the fastest growing, even amassing Germany in growth rate and second to the US. Employment hass actually increased by 100,000, trade deals are increasing with a now increasing ability to control international relations that isn't guided by brussels and the decisions of 27 member states. The UK economy was expected to have a drop in the pound following 40 years of EU investment, of course one should expect a lot of remodelling but the pound has been increasing rather than the expected recession by people that were brainwashed by Brussels investment. The EU is basically a sinking ship with no future of growth

    • The fact of the matter is, you don't feel the ramifications because the UK is yet to leave the EU, de jure. Let me just assume that I have given in to the fear campaign of Remain. You are a proponent of Liar Johnson's hope campaign, tell me what is his plan? What is our future in the single market? What is going to be our future position on immigration?

      I read reports like these everyday;

      And you're saying that everything is fine; typical leave campaign lies.

      The EU wouldn't sink. Daniel Hannan and Nigel Farage were predicting the doom of EU by 2012, it didn't happen then, it didn't happen now, and it wouldn't happen in the future.

    • Knowing the Eu and UK relationship, Both will have their share of downfall. However if you have seen the current news then you would realise that many companies are moving away from UK even though tourism has increased for a short time. I understand that all politicians lie at some point but a huge lie such as the funding to NHS is not acceptable. Immigration has always been an issue from UK for ages now. The EU has not forced the UK to change their currency from pounds to the Euros. I just feel like between all these chaos, the citizens of UK have been hit the hardest by the outcome. I know my friends who are English and living in england are having a terrible time as they are not able to get good healthcare at the moment.

  • The problem I had with the whole EU referendum is just how nasty and divided both camps became. You had fear-mongering on both sides, the remainers with economic doom and leavers with immigration, even though more people emigrate to the UK from outside the EU.

    Then there was the post Brexit behavior from the losing side which basically said "screw democracy, we don't like the fact we lost, let's have another stab at it until we get the result we want" and the constant snide insults directed to anyone who voted to leave.

    Perhaps the most embarrassing thing about Brexit is that nobody had any plan of action about triggering article 50 and leaving the EU. There was no plan in place. No responsible government should initiate a referendum on something as important as the future of a country within a political and economic union without having an exit plan drawn up. It's incompetence at the highest level.

    As for the future of the UK, I think the UK will prosper outside of the EU just as it would have prospered inside the EU.

    • Well to be fair. The 5 unelected presidents of the eu actually said. Article 50 wasn't designed with any intention of anyone leaving so there's no defined plan there either.

    • I expect it from the European Union, their incompetence is well documented. They still don't have an official free trade agreement with the United States. I expect more from a national government. Perhaps I expect too much from national based politicians.

    • I would like to add to this that there wasn't only insults from the remain campaign voters towards leave voters but many abusing behavior from the leave voters towards Europeans from outside of UK who have lived there almost all their lives working and paying tax in UK. Some have even devoted their lives to help the British community which made me so upset to hear that they were told "Go back to where your from..." This is because i feel that they are a part of the British community

      This is also true that both EU and UK did not have a plan set up for if or when anyone leaves the EU. Which is a shame as no one was really prepared for anything. We can now hope for the best and not dwell on the past

  • Why England drives the other way around, has a different money, and still uses their own metric system?

    I'll summarise it for you:

  • If I lived over there, I would have definitely voted for brexit.

  • I think maybe Britain should have stayed but ultimately whether for or against BREXIT either way was a gamble. The British people have voted to go so the debate is over and frankly Brussels ignored the British public on some very key issues and took Britain's commitment yo the EU for granted now the EU has payed the price for their ignorance.

    • This i would agree with. and it has shaken sleepy heads around the countries. However I doubt EU will let UK go out that easily.

    • @Albina_Lovely I think soon the EU may have bigger fish to fry as possibly more countries wanting out of the EU. There is even dissent among the Germans. At the end of the day Britain is a sovereign country with a powerful economy and military, there is nothing the EU can do.

  • You claim that no European propaganda is true, which is partially correct because the uk has not even left the European Union and the value of the gbp dropped significantly and nothing has been solved. Secondly you seem to be missing the fact that non of the British propaganda turned out to be true either such as the money saved going to the nhs and not only has the money not gone to the nhs nor any other organisation but the economical decline caused just by the proposition of leaving the EU costed more than the uk would pay the EU for the next 70 years.

  • A union will only work as long as it is beneficial for all nations participating, this means that nations start leaving when its not beneficial any longer, thats what happened to the UK.

    It was never the goal of the EU to be like it is now.

  • The EU should be disbanded.

  • I was and still am a Remainer.
    You guys haven't invoked article 50 yet.
    Talk to me once you're officially out of the EU.

    • you'll be thanking us when article 50 is invoked. dont buy into all the scare mongering the ramainers spewed.

    • @Death_of_rats I listen to experts you guys dismiss them.
      The Remain camp did a poor job in explaining to people the benefits of the EU. All they did was say "the world will collapse and racists will kill all Muslims". Fuck that do your own research.
      Or you can read my non-biased myTake on Brexit in which I showed both sides and use that a starting point.

  • While I did vote brexit. You do realise we haven't left yet.

    And we won't leave for at least another year or maybe two. If we ever leave that is.

    • Oh and just to add. There will be a shitstorm in the uk when we do leave.

      But I voted brexit because it's better in the long run.

      But a shitstorm will happen similar to 2008.

  • EU doesn't exist anyway

  • didn't they say it'd take 2 years before all renegotiations, etc? to early to say what will happen.

  • Nothing has happened yet.

    We will see in a few years what the impact is.

    Overall It's a shame, because being in the block had advantages, but brussels seems determined to do utterly insane things, like trying to retroactively claim Ireland should tax at a higher rate.