Why New Jersey always being a joke in American series?

In Futurama, How I Met Your Mother, anywhere... they seems to hate New Jersey. As non-'Murica, I'm just curious, what's wrong with New Jersey, lolz. Just like this from Futurama season 6:


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  • Because everyone thinks that it's all guidos, turnpike, pollution, highways, Newark/Camden/Trenton/jersey city (all terrible areas), mafia. Also, New York and philly are right there so it's like, why would you go out of New York or philly to be in jersey? They're the greatest cities (btw, they're both overrated shitholes). Contrary to popular belief, however, probably 85% of the state is trees, hills and more trees

    • I laughed my ass off at the tiny section of the map where Camden is.

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    • I mean, that's how 98% of America is. It just gets shit because of how "great" New Yorkers and philly trash think their cities are. With that said, it's a fairly boring state

    • haha, okay, i think i get it. that's exactly just like a place we used to troll too in Malaysia- Kerteh. it's an oil and gas area, but nothing's there, only an isolated mall, offices, jungle and beach. people who are living there, just bcoz they're the worker of the plant, but, it's just a shitty place to live, and everybody agree bout that.

  • A lot of US media comes out of New York, and New Jersey is like New York's mentally challenged little brother.


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