Was in a car accident that wasn't my fault and I'm mad about it?

Two weeks ago my friend had picked me up from my house. I was in the back and he had a friend in the passenger seat. We just left my house at midnight and were driving down my hill. He decides to floor it and tell the 15 year old passenger to take the wheel. Since it was a curvy road and they weren't familiar with it, the car ended up getting pulled in to the gravel. After that the driver took the wheel and lost control causing us to slam into a tree and spin multiple times, if I wasn't wearing my seatbelt I would of definitely died. I will probably have two scars, one from the seatbelt on my neck, and one from glass slamming in to my leg cutting it wife open. I was relatively okay and I was the responsible one in the accident. After it happened I wasn't mad, at least not too mad for it. I was mad that he was so stupid because I would of never done what he did, especially on an unfamiliar road. Since it's been a few weeks, my grain has calmed down and I feel back to normal. I am and was mad at myself for getting in the car, but I'm even more mad at him. Why did he have to do that? He had bud in the car and was breaking two other laws, why would you speed? it's just asking to get pulled over anyways. I'm irritated at him and pissed, I just think why did he have to be so stupid. My mother told me to not be mad at him and everything, but I can't help but be. What makes it worse is, he was talking shit about me and picking on me last night when we were hanging out with one of his friends. I'm not insecure or anything, just makes me mad. Is it normal to feel angry at him because of what happened?


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  • I don't blame u for being mas. That was not cool of him at all... he put ur lives in danger... for nothing... that might b a friendship I want to reevaluate...
    I'm glad ur still here tho!!!

    • Thank you! I have been reevaluating it. Tbh I don't even know if he said sorry, his parents did multiple times but him I don't think. I haven't even been replying to him lately, he seems immature, irresponsible, and too dumb for me.

    • Yea it sounds like it. U don't deserve a 'friend' like that!!!

    • Thanks for MHGirl :)

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  • The first time you have an experience that makes you realize that you could have died but for the grace of God, it makes you "grow up" and become a bit more responsible. It also makes you become a bit more judgmental about your peers who are still acting irresponsibly. I think some people are also mad because their ignorance-is-bliss-and-nothing-can-ever-hurt-me innocence is taken from them.

    Not everyone reacts this way to such an experience, but it is not uncommon at all.

    • You're right! I just don't understand what made him think to do that. I'll probably not get in to the car with a "friend" again, just don't trust people. Only can trust myself.

    • Skepticism about your "friend" is a good thing. So is self-reliance. He sounds like a jerk!

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  • I wouldn't hang out with this guy any more. He sounds like a loser

    • Thanks for understanding! That's how I've been feeling.

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  • Normal. Guy is a tool.

    At least you've learned the life lesson of not getting into a car at midnight with a complete idiot.

    My advice to you is get your license and own car and take your experience of what can go wrong on the road with you and be a responsible driver making your own way in the world.

    • Thank you! I actually do have my license and am a pretty good driver, got it in one try and had no worried I would fail the test. That was a half year ago. He took his test twice and finally passed a few weeks ago, and just bought his car a couple weeks before that. I just don't understand how dumb you have to be to so what he did.

    • @SillyKittenEater I don't know either. I guess some people just don't have a lot going on upstairs.

    • Right! I feel like that's him. He fails classes and goes to summer school even when TRYING to pass, he acts dumb. Has no respect for others, lately I've been not liking him. After this happened, I don't even want to talk to him again.

  • Legally speaking at least where I live he should have had his license revoked and possibly be doing time for 1) intentional indangerment of a minor and 2 dangerous driving causing bodaly harm