Is it common that this happen: my husband's friends still like his ex's posts online?

She actually isn't really an ex, she wasted his time. But it bugs me to see that they still give her posts online likes. I don't get them from them and I'm his wife! I don't really know these people though, my husband was going out a lot at the time of that girl and nowadays we just are home.

I could see this happening with younger people but at our age I mean, they aren't involved anymore so why like her stuff still? She has gone out of her way to comment on my husbands stuff saying they're best buds even though he no longer follows her and has moved on.

Thanks all, I suppose since I know she was just a fling he brought out a few times that they'd forget about her considering he's a married man now. Especially knowing she was jerking him around! This is what he told me. But I've not (and won't) bring up the liking thing to him, just a thing in my head that I'm asking about here. He used to go out when he was single but now that he's been with me he doesn't want to go out. I'm not super outgoing either and so I won't likely know them well.


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  • The bigger question is how come you are letting this bother you?

    -You said you don't really know these people
    -She wasn't actually his ex
    -You say he was going out more often when he was involved with that girl

    Is it so far fetched that the friends who he and this girl spent a bunch of time with might still be friends even though your husband is no longer involved with her?
    You admit that you barely know these people, but this other woman clearly does know them, and you expect them to react to your posts and not hers?
    You're saying that this sort of behavior is what you would expect from younger people, not adults in their 30's...

    ... but here you are getting upset over who's "liking" who's facebook posts?

    If you want them to pay more attention to you, how about getting to know your husbands friends? Why don't you know them?


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  • Perhaps she has good things to like? It's nothing person to you, after all it's his friends and you can't really control what they do.


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  • You should tell him it isn't appropriate to be even reading his ex's posts, let alone liking them.


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  • Wait, wait wait. You're insecure about what his FRIENDS are doing? :o